Mangroovin' in Biscayne, Florida

Rachel, Amelia, Fenna, Jenny

Our Mission.....

Mangroovin' is a day spa located in the Biscayne National Park area in Florida. We cater to families looking for an educational and relaxing experience. Come enjoy our river activities and then come back to the resort to wind down with a Mangrove face mask.
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  • Come enjoy bird watching while you take a trip down the water in a canoe.
  • Come enjoy our hands-OFF petting zoo and feed the aquatic life such as turtles and fish.
  • Enjoy the "Plant Your Own Mangrove" section by putting your mark on the world.
  • Enjoy our shrubbery and the shrub body wrap back at the spa!

"Plant Your Own Mangrove"

To allow these mangroves to thrive, kids can plant their own mangrove. Not only will they be saving the planet, but they can learn valuable life skills!
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We have lined our canoes and kayaks with a bacteria enriched serum that will nourish the water as you enjoy your water adventure.

In addition, patrons are encouraged to donate either time or money to our cause. Adults and teens can help keep our beautiful environment clean by participating in our "Recycled Trash" competition-- whoever picks up the most trash by the end of the day wins a free day at the spa!

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