Benjamin Franklin

By: CJ & Rachele

Benjamin Franklin's Life

He was born on January 1706 on Boston. He was an author, printer, politician, free mason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. He gone around the world, in specific in EU in Paris and Germany for his discover: the electricity. Also, there was a special balloting conducted October 18, 1785, unanimously elected Franklin the sixth president of the Supreme Council. Franklin held that office for slightly over three years, longer than any other, and served the constitutional limit of three full terms. Shortly after his initial election he was reelected to a full term on October 29, 1785, and again in the fall of 1786 and on October 31, 1787. In that capacity he served as host to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in Philadelphia.

Benjamin Franklin's Inventions

During his life, he invented the armonica glass, lighting rod, stove, bifocal glasses and the urinary catheter. the armonica glass was used for make sounds with the hands. the lighting rod was something that is on the top of the buildings, tree and ship used like a electrical conductor. the stove was a "strument" for keep the room warm. the bifocal glasses were a pair a normal glasses for permit at the people to see better. the urinal catheter was positioned on your body to drain and collect urine from bladder.

Franklin's Contributions to the Foundation of America

Franklin contributed to the foundation of america by being on the committee to review the draft of the Declaration of Independence. He also wrote a compromise to prevent the constitutional convention to collapse. He also was was a representative for Pennsylvania.

Franklin's Publication of Poor Richards Almanac

Franklin was the author of the Poor Richards Almanac. Every year he would release a new version for that year. During this time ever household had two books. One was the bible and the other was Poor Richards Almanac. In these books there were weather predictions, inspiring quotes, horoscopes, and rain/ snowfall predictions and records. Farmers lived by this book and pretty much made their lives from it.