CLassifying the Colonies

Kylie Pickrell


1) Sent 144 settlers to settle in the chesapeake region, they were sent to search for gold and to find a water passage to Asia (Orient)

2) First Africans Arrived in Jamestown in 1619 NOT AS SLAVES

3) the men that were sent to Jamestown were not suited for starting over and fending for themselves in a new place

4) John Smith was the leader of the unequipped men

5) Not the first North American colony

6) Founded by a joint stock company; The Virginia Company

7) 1619 - formed their own government ( House of Burgesses) which was the first representative government in colonial america

8) People mainly died from malaria and water born illnesses due to being in an unsuitable living area

9) People in Jamestown were given the same rights as people back in Britain

10) Landed in 1607

Massachusetts Bay

1) Puritans wanted to convert the New World and “purify” the catholic faith

2) John Winthrop served as governor from 1631-1648 and led as a theocratic tyranny

3) The Arbella venture which carried over 1000 puritans to Massachusetts was the largest venture ever attempted in to the New World

4) "A Modell of Christian Charity," is what John Winthrop called the people coming over. They were a beacon or a “light” to the people of Europe (link to pulled quote)

5) Only elected members could serve as a member of the church

6) Harvard College was established in 1636 just for the purpose of training puritan ministers

7) About 14,000 puritans came to Massachusetts as a part of the “Great Migration” of puritans from England

8) Members of the church were not allowed to be apart of the governing body

9) The clergy; a body of people that come together for religious duties, made most of the important decisions in Massachusetts ironically despite the use of a government there

10) Towns like Marblehead were founded by non-puritan settlers to keep a vibrant or “rich" economy


1) Founded by William Penn; it was done so to be a haven for his fellow quakers

2) Penn arrived in the New World in 1682

3) The quakers were a peaceful people and became friendly with the Native Americans

4) Attracted many German and Scottish/Irish immigrants due to the religious freedom

5) Religious tolerance in Pennsylvania

6) Penn made a treaty to purchase his land grant for his people even though he technically never needed to

7) Pennsylvania's Frame of Government constitution was created in 1682 to give the people an upper and lower house of legislature (don't let the names fool you there was no house more powerful than the other.)

8) John Blackwell assigned as governor in 1684 when Penn left for England

9) Penn returned in 1696 and est. the Charter of Privileges (a liberal form of government for that time period)

10) The population jumped from about 400 in 1680 to over 30,000 in 1720


1) Founded by Lord Baltimore (Sir George Calvert) as a religious place of freedom for catholics

2) Toleration of 1649 (first act of religious toleration)

3) A proprietary (controlled) colony created in 1634

4) Much healthier location than Jamestown

5) Tobacco is the Main crop

6) Baltimore allowed for there to be freedom of worship so that there wouldn’t be persecution of catholics by the protestant people

7) Toleration Act 1649 granted toleration of christians and declared death to those who did not believe in Jesus (so basically jewish people and atheists wouldn't last long out there)

8) Rapid growth in Maryland due to a non-hostile environment with the Native Americans, civil freedom and religious rights

9) Indentured servants used to harvest the tobacco cash crop

10) Maryland was basically used as a marketing place to get settlers to move to the Americas


1) Founded by James Oglethorpe in 1733

2) It was the last of the original 13 colonies

3) Used a “buffer”; or barrier between Spanish Florida and the other colonies

4) Exported wine and silk

5) Determined to keep slavery out of Georgia but it ended up showing up by 1750 (less than 20 years after being founded)

6) "Georgia received its name, in 1732, in honor of George II, King of England.” (link to pulled quote)

7) It was a great place for people with debt who had been thrown in prison

8) It was a colony for the indigenous people and the persecuted in Britain (think of Georgia as a fresh start for most trying to flee from their past)

9) Donations were made to help the first group of settlers cover the costs of coming to the new province

10) Yamacraw Bluff was the site for the town which was later named Savannah after the Native American name for the river