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Issue #15 / March 2, 2014

I hope you all enjoy the new newsletter format! Great things happen when we collaborate. Great things also happen at EdCamp. This new newsletter format is a combo of both! Amy Thaxton (BJHS IP) showed me how to use the Smore site for building the newsletter (a trick she learned at EdCamp!).

So far, it is super easy! If you want to create a newsletter, presentation, flyer, etc. for your class or team, I'd be glad to show you how it works. You could be an expert in 15 minutes or less!

Have a great week!


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Flight School Highlights

Pilots Learning from Each Other: Internal Learning Walks

JC Learning Walks were definitely the instructional highlight this week! We have a few Pilots left to make up the walks and add their feedback to our graffiti wall. Once that is complete, I will share all of the feedback with everyone!

A teaser of the reflections shared are shown in the pics below.. Enjoy!

High Flyers!

Thank you to Mrs. Simons for sharing her "High Flyer" idea! SO many Jets (including the IP and APs!) were excited about the positive feedback received via these little blue JETS! If you'd like to use this idea with your students, you can download your own here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4AMtpGa3mkLOVR2Mkw1WE1sa1k/edit?usp=sharing

I didn't see many of these as they were private messages, but have asked permission to share one favorite below from Mr. Bardell to Mrs. Turner.... GOOD STUFF!

(FYI- Both Mr. Bardell and Mrs. Simons are poets and have some "Good Morning" Haikus available as well if you're interested in reading more!)

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Around JC This Week!
Black History Month Lunchtime Presentations
Black History Month Lunchtime Learning at JC
Black History Month Lunchtime Learning at JC 2

Instructional Strategies & Sharing

Formative Assessment Idea (Read On To Win A Prize!)

Remember the Teaching Channel video below from a few weeks ago? Well, this same method is great to use with groups of students also. In fact, we saw this in action when we visited LMS for Learning Walks! (Shout out to LMS's Mrs. Breeden for the idea!) We've since seen it in use around JC with a few tweaks as well! :)

For groups, the simple way to use the color concept is by placing CUPS of different colors with each cooperative or collaborative group. Mrs. Breeden used the following key for her groups:

  • Green=Good, do not need help.
  • Yellow= Need Clarification
  • Red= Lost, can't move forward
  • Blue= We are finished with this assignment

Now for the PRIZE for those who read this... I have two sets of cups in my room. Email or come by to see me if you'd like a set! First come, first served.

Alyson :)

TWEETS from the JCHS & MCS Crew!

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Madison City Schools Sharing & Networking

This Week's In-Flight Movie- Shared by Coach Harvard!

Coach Harvard shared the video below in his AP Psychology class on Friday along with a few other tear jerkers showing deaf individuals as they heard sound for the first time. It was especially interesting to observe students encountering this video for me. It was shared by Dr. Jim Knight at a conference for Instructional Coaches that Mrs. Buchanan and I attended last year. Dr. Knight used this as an example of how to use emotions (and videos as thinking prompts) to help learning "stay" with students. There is NO DOUBT the students in Coach Harvard's class will remember what they learned on Friday. They have an emotional tie to it, which is a great way to make learning STICK!

Dr. Knight shares this resource for evaluating videos that might be chosen as Thinking Prompts: http://www.corwin.com/highimpactinstruction/chapters/Attributes_of_Effective_Thinking.pdf

If you're interested in viewing more examples of "Thinking Prompt" type videos, Mrs. B and I have a collection we started after seeing Dr. Knight last year on a Pinterest Board here: http://www.pinterest.com/alysoncarpenter/videos-thinking-prompts/ WARNING: We often pin first and watch later-- so pinned videos don't always signify endorsements. :)

If you love to PIN and also collect these types of prompts, let me know -- I will add you as a contributor to this board!

Thanks Again, Coach Harvard!! :)

Deaf Toddler Finally Hears His Mom's Voice (Official) [HD]


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Flight Plan For This Week

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Monday, March 3rd 2014 at 11:30am-1:30pm

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