A change must be made.

What is terrorism?

" Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims."


Terrorist groups have been changing their strategies. Now they are doing multiple attacks on a smaller scale instead of larger attacks. Terrorism has been on a decline until 2013. Ever since then we have been receiving many attacks. Terrorists believe that they are dying for a greater cause.

Mentality Behind Terrorism

Terrorists believe that they are dying for a greater cause. They want other countries and places to live in the same way that they do. Groups such as ISIS believe that their way of life is the only way of life, and so they try to take control of other countries. Terrorists can sometimes be pressured to commit the acts that they do by other terrorists. Often the attacks are done in groups. Many terrorists can also receive a reward for their acts which may also make them attack. They are hard to stop because they don't mind dying because they believe that it is for a greater cause. Terrorist groups have other people to help with the attacks if one person cannot do it.


The government has had to make some changes in the way that our country is run in order to stop more attacks. We now have extra surveillance by the government. We have made new inventions such as a bullet proof door which keeps people from entering into the cockpit of an airplane. Also we are spending a lot of money on counter terrorism. We spent 16 billion dollars in 2001, and more than 43 billion dollars in 2011. Also we have trained police and military on how to deal with terrorist attacks in case of an emergency.


  • Increased security at major events

  • Programs and advanced monitoring systems are created for threats to national security

  • Advanced technology and prevention systems against chemical warfare

  • More in depth background checks on refugees

  • More in depth background checks for buying guns


Though terrorism as a whole cannot be completely stopped, we can still try our best to take as many security measures as possible. Also by educating people on this issue we can learn how to not only protect ourselves, but we can protect others in case of an emergency. Also Just because some people are terrorists, doesn't mean that all are terrorists. Discriminating against Muslims just because of what some people do is wrong.