by Carter Burmeister 5 hour


Ulcers are sores which mean they are open painful wounds. They can form in many parts of your body. But, the most common are the mouth, stomach, and esophagus. 90% of ulcers are cause from a bacteria called H. Ployri. They can be easily cured if treated correctly


If you were to come down with an Ulcer there are many people you could talk to. The first option would probably be a doctor who deals with ulcers to find out what to do and what types of medicine you would need. Also, you could talk to someone who has had an ulcer in the past to see how they dealt with it.

Media Influences

Some pain killers can false advertise or not completely tell the truth. For example If you were to have an ulcer you would probably want an over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen. While the medicine would stop the pain it would not cure the ulcer, and people have worsened their ulcers by treating it with medicines such as ibuprofen instead of doctor prescribed medicine.

Risk Factors


  • loss of appetite
  • frequent burping or hiccups
  • vomitting lots
  • significant weight loss

  • Internal bleeding
  • Scaring and swelling
  • find yourself bleeding a lot
  • Pain in certain areas of your body all the time

Medical advances

Today if you were to get an ulcer it would be very easy to treat. For example doctors thought that people were getting ulcers from smoking, drinking, and even stress but now we know that those can lead to ulcers but do not cause them. Also, they're easy to detect which are mostly detected by X-Rays or by blood and even breath tests. If you had a stomach ulcer you would get pills to generate more mucus in your stomach to try and stop it.