Timeline of prosthetics

the first "prosthetic"

the worlds first "prosthetic limb" of any was a wooden toe that dates back 2000 years in ancient Egypt

the peg leg and hook

Created around 450 A.D. the peg leg was the early versions of prosthetic limbs, used by early travelers and villages.


Gotz Von Berlichingen's creation

In 1508 Gotz Von Berlichingen made the first pair of advanced iron hands

Ambroise pram

In 1529, He made an artificial leg with the first movable knee joint providing a giant leap in technology

Pieter Verduyn

100 years later Peter Verduyn created the first prosthetic leg with a non-locking knee.

First Copper/Wooden Leg Discovered

1851, Archaeologists uncover the first copper and wooden leg in Capri, Italy thought to have come from around 300 B.C.

civil war makes changes

1861, The U.S. government starts paying for war veterans that lost limbs.

electronic prosthetics

1950, Electrical prosthetics devices are introduced and are available for general use.

Ysidro Martinez

1975, Ysidro Martinez makes an improved below-knee prosthesis.

modern times

Prosthetics now use plastic and fiber glass, and some are controlled by thoughts(japan)


the evolution of prosthetic limbs has allowed people who have gone through amputation to regain at least the feeling or sense of having all limbs again. soon future prosthetics could no only be controlled by thought but give the sense of touch back as well