Homeless Veterans

If they fought for us, why aren't we fighting for them?

How many are there anyway?

In Kentucky, there are 339,000 people that are veterans, about 1,000 of them are homeless. In Alabama, there are 409,997 people that are veterans and 2,630 of them are homeless. That's a total of 748,997 of veterans between both states and 3,630 total are homeless.

In the past...

We've tried to solve this problem before, the thing is we haven't done it right sometimes. Before people have tried to educate the people to learn more about homeless veterans. Of course that didn't really make a change, that didn't tell the people what to do.
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What do do

What has been done before is congress has given homes and employment services to our homeless veterans, now i'm not asking you to buy them a home but give them food or money so they can atleast survive. personally I think that our country should try to fix this inequality but of course our people should try to help too.
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