Early Childhood Curriculum Update

April 2017

Mott Class - Preschool

The Mott Class has had a busy month constructing! We have walked to the construction site at the end of the street multiple times and compared how the buildings are changing. We noticed that floors were added and all five buildings are getting walls! We used photos of the construction site to observe the changes. We noticed that all the walls are the same size and have begun learning how to measure to make things the same.

In our observations about houses, we found out that not everyone’s house is the same. We asked many people at UFS questions about their homes like, “How many bathrooms are in your house?” and “Do you have a driveway at your house?” Then we made tally marks on our clipboards. We are going to count and graph all this information about different homes.

In the classroom, we have been learning about tools that builders use such as hammers, nails, screwdrivers, and screws. We keep all these materials in the toolbox in our classroom so that we can use them whenever we need to. We have created structures with nuts and bolts and wood, toilet paper rolls and tape and nails and cardboard. We are practicing for construction of a building in our classroom!

To get ready for our construction, we went on a field trip to Lowe’s Hardware Store to learn about tools and how they are used and who uses them. We bought some materials we need to build in the classroom. Wait till you see what we are building!

Hicks Class - Preschool

The Hicks Class continues exploring and creating bridges, boats and structures. The children have been hammering nails into the big stump that is in the construction area and are beginning to nail pieces of wood scraps together. We continue to walk down to the construction site where townhouses are being constructed, which has led to many discussions about firewalls and insulation. When we return to the classroom, the children are able to create their own structures using small pieces of wood and wood glue. Their creations are amazing! A field trip to Lowe's helped us understand how the workers find what they need. It has been an exciting journey!

We have been planting spring vegetables in the garden and doing experiments with compost. The children added soil, banana peels, a Styrofoam cup and carrots and topped it off with leaves before making predictions as to which would break down the fastest.

The Hicks Class continues to practice yoga through games and stories. They are finding ways to calm their bodies by breathing.

Rustin Class - Kindergarten

I remember when….

The students in the Rustin class have been engaged in Writers’ Workshop since the very beginning of school. The first time the teacher asked for a story, the students made drawings. They were simple representations of people. Often students drew themselves and their family. They were asked to tell a story with pictures and then write something about the picture. Their writing started out as marks, wavy writing, and lines. Eventually students felt safe enough to begin writing letters of the alphabet that correspond with sounds they hear in words. As the students’ understanding of symbols and sounds grew, so did their writing.

In addition to all the wonderful signs, cards and How to stories, the students have begun to reflect upon memories. They are now writing, I remember when… stories.