Magnets and Magnetism

By: Lwe H, Marissa E, and Bethany B


Properties of magnets

+magnets attract items containing iron.

+magnets attract or repell other magnets

+magnets always point north when they swing freely

Magnetic poles and Domains

Magnetic poles

* Magnets have a north and a south pole

Magnetic domains

How magnetism is affected by magnetic domains?

*Magnetic domains determine if an object is magnetized or not

*when a object is magnetized all the arrows go in the same direction

* when it is not magnetized all the arrows go in random directions.

Magnetic force and Magnetic fields

magnetic force

* The magnets attract or repel each other

Magnetic fields

* an area of magnetic force around a magnet

* distance determines how strong the pull is

Strong force = lines close to poles Weak force = lines farther from poles

* Field lines are the strongest at the poles

Extra info

* When magnetic fields of two or more magnets overlap it creates a combined magnetic field