Company Pages weekly news

04/08/2013 to 04/23/2013


Roll-outs rolled back

All features planned for roll-outs of march and the one of the 9th of april will be released on the 26th of april.

Because of all the technical issues we have faced a delay of 2 weeks for all developments has to be expected.

You can see all the details of each Roll out on Confluence:

Projects in progress

Project #1: Orange features

  1. Display four Tabs "Carte blanche"
  2. OnTop on the homepage of Company Pages to increase the visibility of a Company Page
  3. Migration of followers to a group

All these features will be released on the roll-out of the 26th of April

Project #2: Company Page widget

What is it?

Allow the integration of a Company page service in any website


In progress

Roll-out targeted?

13th of may

Project #3: Company page Header revamping

What is it?
As an admin of a company page, I want to add a background picture, choose between background layouts and add a video to my page, so that users will enjoy my lay out.

This header revamp is about increasing look and feel of Company pages.

  • Bigger pictures
  • Video in the header
  • New call-to-actions
  • A box containing the company info will now appear on the bottom of the page

We want a new experience to our customers and they feel an emotion.

Product KPI's:

  • Number of page views
  • Number followers
  • Number of companies who changed their background images.
  • Number of companies who added a video.


Dev started

Targeted Roll out:


Project #4: Spontaneous Application and Leads Generation

What is it?

Display a call to action to generate leads and/or spontaneous application in the new header.

Members will be able to:

+ apply spontaneously
+ ask for a custom training advice
+ ask for more information about products and services

What for?

For members perspective:

+ increase the interest, the value of our Company pages
For clients:

+ improve the return of investment
For Sales:

+ Broaden the product range
+ Make the tab more valuable
For product:
+ Increase the usage on Company pages


Dev started

Business model?

These features could be activated with a tab or independently.

Targeted Roll out:


The future

Career & Jobs tab revamping

What is it?

Progress step: First wireframe done

Users testings:
An email was shot to a couple of existing client today.

It contains a survey and a couple of mock-ups DRAFT

Other topics

Account ID

What is it?

Attach several AccountIds to display job adverts from several recruiter account in one Company page

This feature is already available (from the 19th of March)

Email template for Members migration

What is it?

We must notify our member in the following cases:

they are followers and they become group members

they are members of a group and they become followers of a Company Page


In progress:

Creation of a template email by marketing team.