Miss Tracey's Class

December 2015

Gingerbread, Gratitude, and Giving

Welcome back, everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful break and spent much time with those you love. We spent a great deal of November reflecting on all for which we are thankful, things that make our hearts happy: family, friends, colors, pets, grapes, music, toys, and more. We have also been recognizing actions that make our hearts happy, such as helping, sharing, using kind words, and taking turns. In the afternoon class, we have even been filling a "Warm Fuzzy" jar, each time we see something occur, for which we are thankful. When the jar is full, we will ALL be celebrating with a pajama party :)

During the month of December, we will try to build upon this concept with active giving. We will be talking about how it feels to give and to receive: it makes both hearts happy. We will be taking part in a Gingerbread Exchange with another class, giving our gingerbread creations to someone else. We will be reading a story about giving, called The Snowy Night; and we will be making gifts to give to others. Addtionally, we will start on a 3 week project, doing Random Acts of Kindness for others. Finally, we would like to help a family in need this season, and are collecting coins to be exchanged for needed gift cards. Several of our Early Childhood classes are taking part in this project over the next two weeks. We are hoping to videotape the process, to show the students what happens to their coins and what we are doing to help this family. Information will be coming home tomorrow. Thank you for your support in this continued endeavor.

Family Traditions and Celebrations

As we have entered a season filled with family, traditions, and celebrations, we would like to learn about ways that your families celebrate special days. This week, we will be sending something home for you to complete and return, to give us an idea of how you celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special days/moments. We look forward to learning all about your festivities :)


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