Boston Bombings

Social Media leading up to and after the bombings

Terrorist Web Pages

Most terrorist organizations are known to use private networks to plan out all of their attacks and things. Making using private networks and social networks a international trend for terrorists. Since more and more people can get to these web pages it is making terrorism more popular and easier to get information for. This trend is becoming increasingly more dangerous and is becoming a world wide problem. Many different people have stated that if NSA was instead using their internet tracking on suspicious people rather than millions of americans the terrorists in the bombings might have been caught. The bomber during the boston bombings also tweeted at police.

How Social Media is Used for Good

Even though many countries have seen cyber terrorism as a new problem. The internet is also to thank for helping catch the bombers of the boston marathon. Most say that if we did not have the technology that we did, they probably wouldn't have caught the bombers in such a short period of time. Many people all over the world helped over different social media sites in helping in locate the bombers and identify who the bombers were. Technology helps people more than it hurts on a large scale, mostly because it gives people more information in a smaller period of time and gives police the help in finding the people they need to. Then after the bombings had happened many families and friends of victims got support from people all over the world from social networks. Twitter and Facebook became a source of news feed from the caos and made it so people could already find news about the people they cared for before the news had even started. Social media was also in this case a huge help. The authorities found that most people around the world turn to social media in times like these to see what they should do next and since there were authorities that could instantly give people that information it really helped with the recovery after the bombings.

Ethics Changing with Communication Technology

Even though technology has challenged ethics as they have evolved over time in most cases technology has just gave more people all over the world a chance to do great and incredibly good things and have more people involved with them. In this case technology was used for bad and good things as far as the terrorists tweeting and how cyber terrorism has grew more popular because of the excessive use of technology today but technology was also used to catch the bombers because of the amount of pictures and videos of them at the boston marathon when the bombs went off. Social media also became a source of news feed and prevented most civilans from panicing. The Boston Police also sent out tweets to tell the public what was going on and what they were doing. This shows that communication technology is used for good and helps people in chaotic and terrible situations like this one.

Limiting Internet Usage

The leaders of Russia have started and around the world have been talking of limiting certain uses of internet in places known for more terrorism saying that it could help in preventing more future incidents or catching them before they happen. Many different countries have been looking into internet monitoring and watching what people have been doing because of the increase in terrorist attacks and terrorists using social networks to gain attention and private networks to plan out terrorist attacks. Web pages and the new amount of social networks is giving terrorists more and more attention to they and helping them to get their word out which is becoming a huge problem world wide.

Chart on Cyber Terrorism in the past year


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

The main bomber that was caught while his brother who also helped with the bombings was killed. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been in college and later police had found that his friends who lived with him had gotten rid of his laptop and right after the attack he had smashed his phone. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had pleaded not guilty to the bombings but found guilty.

Reactions in Russia to the Bombings

"The wide use of information technology is one of the characteristics of recent terrorist activities and the authorities need to raise awareness, and use professional and advanced ways to stop it from spreading across the country"-Zhang Chunxian, Party Secretary of Xinjiang
"Along with the sympathy and bewilderment, however, came glee from America's enemies. The Taliban said they didn't carry out the bombing, but they supported it. The Somali Islamist insurgent group Al-Shabab mocked the dead and wounded on its English-language Twitter feed."-the-boston-marathon-bombing-reactions-from-around-the-world by Harold Mass
"China like nearly every country in the world expressed sincere condolences. On Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, many praised the way people ran to help the victims of the blasts."-Marco Weremen
"Web users have been quick to react to the news. Some social media users slammed the brothers, saying that their actions would reinforce negative stereotypes against Chechen. Many others, however, argued that the Russian special services could be behind the blasts. Some even suggested that the explosions were Moscow's response to the Magnitskiy list." -Policy Mic News