Inclement Weather Information

Eatonville School District, December 2022

From time to time throughout the school year, weather may force a change in the normal operating routine of the district. Eatonville has in place both a process to make decisions concerning cancellation or delay of school and a communication system to share information with families and staff.

We will make every effort to adhere to the established school calendar, however, the safety of students and staff is the highest priority. The following questions and answers will help clarify how decisions regarding school closure or delay of school are made and how it will be communicated to you.

Closure and Delay Information

Decisions regarding school closures or delays are made by 5:00 a.m., when possible. A robo call will then be made to all current households. Eatonville School District has a 24-hour hotline (360) 879-1100 that will publicize the delay, broadcasts by local area radio and television stations that cover school closures and delays.

Communication Options

We provide numerous ways for staff and families to learn about delays and cancellations:

  • Email
  • Robocall
  • Social Media
  • Flash Alert (please see below if you would like to sign up)

Flash Alerts

Flash Alert is a tool ESD has chosen to get emergency communication out to its staff and the community. Flash Alert has the ability to send both emails and push notifications on Android and iOS devices.

To sign up for these alerts and be kept up-to-date with emergency situations, please use the following instructions.

Go to:

Select (from the map): Seattle

Select: Pierce County Schools

Select: Eatonville School District

Check: Emergency Alerts

Provide: Email Address

Select: Subscribe

Follow the onscreen instructions from there.

Flash Alert

Click this button to manage or create your account.

Flash Alert Mobile App

  • The Flash Alert App is free and sends push notifications directly to your Android and iOS devices
  • Search for Flash Alert Messenger on your device‚Äôs App Store and download or scan the applicable QR code below.

Automated Weather Line

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Preventing Weather Related Incidents

As a district we strive to host a safe place for students to learn and staff to work. Although we cannot prevent all incidents, we advise staff to follow the tips listed below to help prevent injury and keep you comfortable.

  • Wear appropriate attire/footwear for cold, wet, or icy conditions.

  • Use caution when temperatures drop as slick conditions may exist without appearing so.

  • Drive cautiously in parking lots.

  • Adhere to warning signage.

  • Keep to cleared pathways if available.

  • Avoid staying on campus until after temperatures drop (nightfall).

Inclement Weather Absence Procedures for Staff

  • Speak with your supervisor regarding their expectations during inclement weather BEFORE events occur.
  • Contact your supervisor when road/weather conditions prevent you from reporting to work at regular time.
  • Arrangements will need to be made between staff and their supervisor in accordance with their CBA to make up or use leave to make up for missed time due to inclement weather.

Bus Snow Routes

When the roads are too slick for regular bus routes to safely operate, we will place our bus routes on snow routes.

Please download the attached PDF below to view the snow routes.

School Closures

In the event of a "snow day" or a school closure due to inclement weather:

  • School buildings are closed.

  • Students will not participate in Distance Learning (online).

  • The day will not count as a school day (so we will be required to make the day up in-person)

  • District facilities will be closed for outside use/rentals unless otherwise stated.

  • Out of district transportation will be canceled.

Two Hour Weather Delay

Often, Eatonville School District experiences icy conditions overnight and into the morning that clear-up as the temperatures increase later in the morning. In these cases, we may operate on a 2-hour delayed start.

On days when the District is on a 2-hour delay:

  • All schools will open two hours late.

  • Buses will operate on regular routes but on a two-hour delay (unless noted that snow routes will be implemented).

  • No out-of-district transportation.

  • Meals:

    • Breakfast will be served at all schools.

    • Lunch will be served on the regular schedule.

  • After-school sports and activities will be held as scheduled unless otherwise communicated by the coach, school or district.

As always, students and staff safety is our top priority. We realize the delayed start creates challenges for our families, and we do not make the decision lightly.

The times each school will start on a two hour delayed schedule are below in a graphic.

Two Hour Delay Start Times

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Know Before You Go

  • If you wake up and it is snowing, or you hear about snow or icy road conditions anywhere within district boundaries, we encourage you to check your email, the District website, news media, or social media for updates before leaving for school!
  • No news is good news! If you don't see information about a delay or closure from any of the above sources, it means schools and buses are on a regular schedule!