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There was a witness who told our reporter who they saw on the the night of the Scotchman armed robbery and murder at 610 Eastwood road Monday night. The suspects were arrested and had a set bail of $1,000,000 with no appeal.

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A subpoena had to be issued to compel the attendance of the three blind mice. When they got to court the prosecutors left it to the grand jury to decide if the case was going to be a felon, or a misdemeanor,knowing the defendant perjured to the courts. When the prosecutor brought the case to the grand jury, he presented the jurors with a "bill" (the charges) and introduced evidence( the minimum necessary), in the prosecutor's opinion—to secure an indictment. A plea bargain was issued. A plea bargain is an agreement between a defendant and a prosecutor, in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty or no contest in exchange for an agreement by the prosecutor to drop one or more charges, reduce a charge to a less serious offense, or recommend to the judge a specific sentence acceptable to the defense.

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They were scheduled for arraignment in New York on Thursday.The jury returned a verdict of not guilty(acquitted).

Grand jury vs. Petit jury

Grand juries involve a time commitment that typically lasts between six and 18 months. The grand jurors may address many cases in the course of their service.Grand juries meet in secret proceedings.Grand juries tend to be bigger than Petit juries.Grand juries decide whether there is enough evidence to warrant a trial.

Petit juries sit only on one case. Petit jurors decide whether defendants are guilty. Petit juries generally have to be unanimous to convict a defendant.
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