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Principal's Message

You're in the home stretch! Congrats on making it through an unprecedented year, and making it through successfully. This school year has been a year of such awesome growth for our students. I am so very proud of all of their hard work. Take the time this summer to enjoy the time off, visit with family, read with your child, and rejuvenate – the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year will be here in the blink of an eye. The office is open Monday – Thursday during the summer from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Hat's off to you and Happy Summer 🍉

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Upcoming Events

  • May 27 - Field Day
  • May 30- Memorial Day, Schools Closed
  • June 3- 2nd Grade Field Trip (Virginia Zoo)
  • June 7 - 2nd Grade Recognition - 6:30 (Burwell, Dishek, Roach, Reed, Gilmore)
  • June 8- 2nd Grade Recognition - 6:30 (Zajac, Hutchins, Smith, Reid, Woodley, Scott)
  • Jun 13- 2nd Grade EOY Party
  • June 14- K EOY Party
  • June 15- 1st Grade EOY Party
  • June 16 - Ice Cream Truck for all students- Provided by GRP PTA
  • June 16- Early Release, 12:04 / Report Cards available on Parent Vue

Second Grade Recognition

We are very excited to be holding our very first Second Grade Recognition. The ceremony will take place at Greenbrier Intermediate at 6:30. Please double check the dates below to see which day your child will be recognized. The students will sit with their class. Cupcakes will be provided by Greenbrier Primary's PTA. Please refrain from bringing balloons into the ceremony.

  • June 7 - 2nd Grade Recognition - 6:30 (Burwell, Dishek, Roach, Reed, Gilmore, Nolan)
  • June 8- 2nd Grade Recognition - 6:30 (Zajac, Hutchins, Smith, Reid, Woodley, Scott)

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Memorial Day

Thank you to all those who serve to protect our country and our freedom. We are forever grateful for their sacrifices. May their courage and dedication will never be forgotten.

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Thank you so much for the immeasurably valuable work you have done! Your partnership and dedication is essential to the work that we do. We cannot do it without you. We would not want to do it without you.

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Learn About Summer !



his article details many ideas for making reading a special, fun, and exciting family activity. It's a pre-pandemic article, so be creative in thinking about how some of the activities could work just as well on Zoom.



Ok, only virtually, at least for now. But there are so many parts of the world to explore, and a too-hot or too-rainy summer day is the perfect time for a virtual adventure. Who knows? Maybe next summer in real life!




Why spend $ when you don't have to? There's no time like summer to do it yourself, make it yourself, maybe even sell it yourself!