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January 2016

Set yourself up for success in 2016:

1. Get in the New Year’s spirit. Following the holidays, people begin thinking about what they want to change in 2016. Maybe they want to reflect on their blessings, take up a new hobby or find a way to create extra income—you have the answer with your Origami Owl Living Lockets®!

Idea: Host and encourage New Year’s-themed Jewelry Bars, and teach your guests how to create their New Year’s resolutions in a Living Locket. Start with Charms that represent what they’d love to do in 2016 and see where the conversations flow. Create your own New Year’s Living Locket and share how Origami Owl is going to help you achieve your “bucket list” in 2016. By having a Living Locket with all of your resolutions inside, you’ll have a constant reminder of what you want to do different in the New Year.

2. Set your goals. Think about what you want to achieve in 2016 and be very specific. Get out your journal, review the facts and figures from your Origami Owl business in 2015 and ask yourself how you want to top that in 2016. Are you going to help more people reach Team Leader? Bring more new Designers on board each month? Think about each of those numbers and create attainable goals and “stretch” goals—ones that aren’t as easy to achieve, but aren’t outside the realm of possibility.

Get creative: Make your goals visible! Grab a stack of magazines, a poster board, scissors and glue and post images and numbers on the board that represent your goals and dreams. Tape it to your mirror; in your office; anywhere you will see it frequently. It will be your daily, visual reminder of all of your goals!

3. Schedule your Jewelry Bars for January. Starting the New Year off with a full calendar will create the momentum you need to keep the excitement up month-to-month in your Origami Owl business. Aim for at least one Jewelry Bar each week in January—maybe on Saturdays if you work full time. Reach out to your contacts or those who said they would be interested in hosting a Jewelry Bar in the coming months and follow up!

Try this: Make a list of everyone who said “maybe” and follow up. Tell them you have two dates available for Jewelry Bars in January—which one would they like?

As always, these tips and strategies are not only great for YOU, but they’re perfect to work on as a team. Get everyone together for an end-of-the-year gathering, make it festive and have some time to just dream and goal set. Owl-mazing things happen when you work as a team!

February 2016 SOAR Training Gambrills, MD

December Top PV (Personal Volume) Rockstars!!!!

3000+ PV

William Garver- 4134

Joan Milligan- 3547

Wendelyn Ronald- 3543

1000-2000 PV

Tiffany Peacock- 1979

Lisa Young- 1680

Stephanie Mills- 1177

Susan Gordon- 1081

Renee Hiles- 1053

Jeanelle Wise- 1035

500-1000 PV

Pamela Lowe- 894

Gail Jones- 764

Kellie Rico- 726

Peggy Conley- 708

Katie Gallo- 695

Terre Martin- 674

Teresa Walker- 643

Tracy Grigg- 627

Mickey Raines- 627

Melanie Harris- 602

Cynthia Murray- 591

Robin Harris- 584

Susana Torres- 567

Darlene Moscone- 560

Christine Kopecky- 560

Jean Kosch- 546

Stephanie Edge- 538

Marijoy & Mimi- 528

Carol Hayden- 507

Michele Fuhrmaneck- 503

Amy Blackmon- 501

Don't forget these numbers are based on Personal Volume.


Team Hoot Stuff (Jen Hudnet) Top Five Producing Directs!

Mickey Raines

Cynthia Murray

Stephanie Edge


Michele Fuhrmaneck

You all did a great job and thank you for all of your hard work. I see so many of the same names month after month and I'm so proud to have you all on the team. As a team for December we did 61,786PV! January is typically a slower month, but we have double hostess rewards and new Valentine's Day product to share. Keep up the good work.

5 Ways to Start 2016 Strong + Get the Conversation Going

A new year means fresh new start. The best way to tackle the New Year is to have a solid game plan. Follow these simple guidelines and your January calendar will be jam packed with Jewelry Bars!

Set Your January Goals. Choose the number of Jewelry Bars you want to schedule and stick to it—or even better, exceed that goal! You should aim for at least four Jewelry Bars if you want to create momentum in 2016 to keep your calendar full.

Identify Your “Open for Business” Hours. Before you start calling potential Hostesses, know which days you’re available to host Jewelry Bars. Always offer the closest dates first! And, to keep things extra secure, leave a few dates open as your “rescheduling” days in case someone needs to move their Jewelry Bar date.

Contact Your Past Hostesses. Your past Hostesses love Origami Owl jewelry already, and they have a firm understanding of the Hostess Rewards—so they’ll be excited to know that we’re DOUBLING our rewards in January. Here’s a great way to spark up the conversation:

“Origami Owl is doing something we’ve never done before – we’re doubling hostess rewards! So of course, I thought of you! I know how much you love Origami Owl and your last Jewelry Bar was fantastic! I want you to be my first Hostess in January! Does January 5 or 6 work better for you?”

Reach Out and Invite Your Customers to Host. Customers who especially love the product are great candidates to host a Jewelry Bar. Tell them this is the ideal opportunity for them to earn free and discounted customizable jewelry:

“I know that you and your family love Origami Owl, and I have something amazing I want to share with you. For the first time ever, we’re doubling our hostess rewards in January! Have you thought about having your own Jewelry Bar – you’ll have the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars in free products. I wanted to give you an opportunity to schedule your date now, because my calendar is filling up quickly! Does January 6 work for you? ”

Don’t Forget About Online Jewelry Bars + Sponsoring. If your schedule is booked up, don’t stop there! Online Jewelry Bars are another great way to generate interest with those who are unable to attend live Jewelry Bars. Remember to ask for referrals. If someone was unable to attend a Jewelry Bar, be sure to ask for their contact information and ALWAYS follow up. Plus, January is a great month for new team members to join because their Hostesses will experience DOUBLE the benefit with the limited-time rewards.

Here’s a great to start gathering referrals:

“Oh my gosh – you’re so busy! I know you’ve had friends or family members who would want to tell their own story in a Living Locket. Do you think that person would want to have a Jewelry Bar so they can earn double free Jewelry in January?”

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