Ireland School System


What country has only a four hour and ten minute school day compared to the US's 7? What same country has a dropout rate of 9 percent compared to the US 25 percent? Ireland of course. Ireland is a great country that has many factors that allows it to have a better eduction system than the US and many other countries. We would want to be more like Ireland because their education system has proven to be better than the US and is one of the best systems in the entire world.

Teacher Education

Teachers in Ireland have a very tough time into becoming a primary or post-primary teacher. This is probably an attribute as to why Ireland's education is greater than the US's. In order to become a primary teacher, ages 4-12, one must have a recognised 3-year full-time program, leading to the Bachelor of Education degree. They must also have a recognised Graduate/Higher Diploma in Education combined with a primary degree at level 8 or a level 9 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications. For language requirments the primary and post-primary school teachers must satisfy the Department of Education and Skills that they can not only teach the Irish language but also teach the range of primary school subjects through Irish. In order to become a certified and qualified teacher, graduates of the colleges of education have to complete a probation period after they satisfy the Irish language requirement. This is generally a one-year period during which an inspector evaluates the teacher’s work. If the Inspector is satisfied by the teacher’s performance, they will be awarded the DES Diploma which certifies that they are a fully qualified national school teacher. Teachers who are qualified to teach the range of primary school subjects to pupils aged 4 to 12 years but who are not qualified to teach in mainstream national schools because they do not have an appropriate Irish language qualification are allowed restricted recognition of qualifications. Teachers with restricted recognition generally work with students who have special educational needs(Citizens Education, Section 2:Quadrant 1)

Graduation/Dropout Rate

Students in Ireland graduate at a very high rate. Students bareley ever drop out compared to the United States. The graduation rate in Ireland is 89%. Which means only a dropout rate of 11%. Not only does Ireland have high highschool graduation rates, they also have very high college graduation rates. Their graduation rate is at 43.9%. That is the 6th hugest in the world. They are in front of the United States by a large amount. Canada has the highest rate at 55.8%. Their graduation rates are based out of every college in the world. It goes off of kids that graduated highschool in Ireland.

Students and School

Education is required for all children in Ireland from the ages of six to 16 or until students have completed three years of second level education and one sitting of the Junior Certificate examination. Although, it is most common to start primary education aged four or five. Children are typically enrolled in the Junior Infant class at the age of either four or five depending on the wishes of their parents and the policy of the school. Some schools require the child to have attained the age of four before a specific date in order to enroll. Otherwise, the child must seek a place in a different school or wait until the next year to enroll (Wikipedia, paragraph 3, Years).


There are many facts that make Ireland a much better country for education than the U.S. We know that Ireland is superior in graduating, quality of teachers, and the rules for the kids. Why can't the U.S. follow what they do and all the other better countries do? If we follow them then this country would have a much better education than it does today.


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