Fleming Flyer 5/7/2021

Upcoming Dates

  • May 10th-14th: Team Synergy and Mountaineer SBAC Testing

  • May 17th-21st: Team Endeavor SBAC Testing

  • May 24th-28th: Make-up SBAC testing

  • May 31st: Memorial Day, no school

  • June 2nd: Parent Information Night for Incoming 4th grade families (Virtual)

  • June 4th: Placement letters sent home

  • June 9th: 5th Grade Maple Street Park Day

  • June 11th: Step up day for 5th graders heading to ADL

  • June 14h: 4th Grade Maple Street Park Day

  • June 15th: Move up day for 3rd and 4th grade students

  • June 15th: Last Day of School

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Fleming Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for everything you do to support our school. Each day I see you working tirelessly to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. I am awed by your dedication and commitment to their success.

This year I have seen you be more flexible and compromise more than is reasonable to ask of you. I have seen you put the well being of your students ahead of your own. I have seen you dedicate your own personal and family time to planning and preparation to support your students and ensure that despite COVID protocols, they would look forward to being in school. You have overcome the seemingly endless challenges presented to you with grace and optimism. You have taken on extra responsibilities, taught remote learning, have been asked to do everything in a new and different way and have done all of this while juggling and adapting to ever-changing guidelines and protocols. Despite all of these challenges, you have worked hard to shield our students from the stresses of COVID and have created inviting, welcoming, and supportive classroom communities for them.

I couldn't possibly be more proud of you and what you've accomplished this year. On behalf of the entire school community, thank you to the Thomas Fleming faculty and staff for your unbounded dedication to our students.

With gratitude,

Matthew Roy, Principal

A Huge Thank you!

Fleming staff would like to give a big shout out to our amazing PTO and Fleming Community for an amazing Staff Appreciation Week. This week we were treated to an ice cream truck where we could choose between a maple or black raspberry creemee. The creemees were delicious. On Friday, Mark's BBQ served up a delicious lunch. We are truly appreciative of not only these tasty treats but the ongoing support we've received this year. This has been a year like no other and the support from our community has made all the difference. Thank you!

A note from the office

The weather is getting warmer, here are a few friendly reminders:

  • Water Bottles need to still come to school daily. We have several students forgetting theirs daily. We have very small 5oz cups to hand out if a student needs one, but it would be best for them to bring their own. If your student doesn't have a water bottle, please let me know in the office, and we will try and help.
  • We will still be going outside daily unless it's raining really hard, so please make sure your student has warmer clothes/raincoat on days that call for rain.

Thank you!

End of Year Happenings

Next week we will be sending out a Fleming Flyer specifically related to end of year events. Next week's flyer will include information about placement letters, step up day, and visiting Maple Street Park. We have a few more details to work out but will be able to communicate all of this to you next week so stay tuned!

SBAC Testing

SBAC testing starts next week for Team Synergy and Mountaineer and the following week, team Endeavor will be testing. Here are a few tips to help your student come ready for their testing days.

  • Be on time to school.
  • Try to have your child go to bed a reasonable time, so that they are well rested
  • A good healthy breakfast will help fuel the mind

Fleming PTO Meeting

PTO meetings are a great way to connect with Fleming Schools and way to get involved to the school community. Mr. Roy also gives updates as to what is going on around school and as well ask questions you may have.

Join us May 12 at 5:30 pm. The link is below

Thank you,

Liz Miller, President

Pat Murray, Vice President

Beth Knox, Treasurer

Mary Towle-Hilt, Secretary

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 968 943 4605
Passcode: WbD0ZZ

What's Happening Around School

Team Mountaineer Mrs. Downings 5th grade class

Speak Up!

Students in Ms. Downing's class collaborated on an essay on speaking up for what is right. They worked in small groups to write each paragraph. Then a group of six students:worked with Mr. Davidson to turn the essay into a video. Thank you to Lucas, Sarai, Luke, Oona, Jacob. and Amelia for your hard work. It came out great!

Important Outcomes for Equity in the EWSD

Students, teachers, school leaders and community members are invited to participate in focus groups to help the EWSD continue to make progress towards becoming an equitable, anti-racist school district.

District leadership wants to be able to best tell the story of where we are succeeding and where we need to continue to change and grow. As we look to issue an annual equity report, we need community input to decide what information goes into the report, how best to present it, and how to make sure it is helping us reach our vision.

We hope you will join us for our last upcoming focus group on May 11 from 5:30-7PM. (All groups will be held virtually via Zoom.) Click here to register.

Community News

Tween Center News

Here is the May registration form if you want to sign your youth up for more activities or change your response.

Registration Form:https://forms.gle/zKbTsJsTJYTtWieX9

If your youth is new to our program and you have not completed the consent form, please do.

Consent Form:https://forms.gle/PQV1vjbsCd3GxrW46

Next Week's Activities!

On Monday we are mixing up our fitness activity with Bonk and fitness.

Tuesday is a creative drawing activity where we will draw ourselves as animals. Whether it's an animal that you love or feel you relate to.

Wednesday is Chef's Club and they are making crepes with a cinnamon apple filling! Chef's Club is open to all ages.

Next Thursday we are welcoming back Jana from Nightmare Vermont to talk about what goes on behind the scenes at their events from makeup, to set design. Jana also always has fun stories to share about the best scares and can give insight into why it can be healthy to be scared consensually. The Nightmare Vermont call will from 5:00 - 6:00 PM.

Friday is another fun craft where we will paint rocks!

TeenLine Information Referral Service:

TeenLine is here to connect youth and families to the services and resources you need. Give us a call if you need help finding a food shelf, summer camp, or if you are a youth that just needs someone to talk to.

Give us a call Monday through Friday from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM and the staff will be happy to help.

Toll Free: (855)-273-8336

Call or Text: (802)-316-8126

Email: teenline@essexchips.org

Outlet Club:

Outlet is for LGBTQ+ or questioning youth and allies. The group is a safe place for youth to talk about what is going in their lives and ask questions about gender identity or LGBTQ+ topics in an age appropriate way.

Outlet meets on Thursday from 6:00 - 7:00 PM.

Outlet Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85869824396?pwd=Nk1zVWJnMmxBL0h6S1lIY1RwWTdvZz09

Password: icecream

Falcon Exchange

Fleming School hosts a clothing closet for families and students here at school. We are looking for donations of clothing in good condition. We are in the most need of children's clothing at this time. Preferably season appropriate.

Arrangements to drop off clothing can be done through our Howard Center Clinician Ali Fallon at Afallon@ewsd.org or by calling the office.

Thank you!