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October 16, 2015

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Question of the Week

How are spiders and insects different?

The Answer to the Last "Question of the Week"

The main word in a subject is usually a noun.


Oct. 23 - Inventor Book Report Due (Non-fiction)

Oct. 29 - Field Trip to the Agricultural Hall of Fame

Oct. 30 - School-wide Spelling Bee

Upcoming Tests

Mrs. Stephen's Class

The Duel Poem Test

Tue, Oct. 27th

Mr. Welch's Class

Science Test - Invertebrates, Desert, Ocean

Tue, Oct. 20th

The Duel Poem Test

Tue, Oct. 27th


Rockin' Readers

Mr. Welch's Class

Lila Painter and Mason Kates

Class Spelling Bee Winners

Mrs. Welch's Class

Abigail Shanahan and Lucie Epema

Alternate - Jackson Young


Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

Mark 8: 34

Test: Friday, October 23rd

BMV Questions

1. How do we deny ourselves? We can deny ourselves by putting others before us, and we can deny ourselves by giving up earthly pleasures (i.e. food) for the perfect power of Jesus.

Spelling List 8

1. drown

2. glaring

3. graduate

4. grace

5. scribble

6. chapter

7. pretzels

8. terrible

9. scanner

10. sneeze

11. remember

12. soccer

13. fountain

14. splatter

15. speak

16. excellent

17. receive

18. believe

19. off

20. comprehend – to understand

21. enormous – very, very big

22. respect – to think highly of


PRETEST - Wednesday, Oct. 21st

TEST - Thursday, Oct. 23rd

Agriculture Hall of Fame Field Trip

Thursday, Oct. 29th, 8:15am-3pm

630 North 126th Street

Bonner Springs, KS

What: We will be visiting the Agricultural Hall of Fame to enhance our learning about westward expansion and the life of the pioneers we study.

Important Items Parents Need to Know

Lunches - Lunches should be packed in the provided gallon-sized Ziploc bags, labeled with your child’s name.

Dress - Students are encouraged to dress up for this field trip, if they would like to do so (think Little House on the Prairie). If students do not wish to dress up, field trip t-shirts with jeans should be worn.

Chaperones - Parent volunteers would be greatly appreciated on this field trip. We love partnering with parents on these excursions, and it truly enhances the trip for the students. Parents will pay the $5.00 admission fee at the Ag. Hall of Fame on the day of our field trip.

The Duel

by Eugene Field

The gingham dog and the calico cat

Side by side on the table sat;

‘Twas half-past twelve, and (what do you think!)

Not one nor t’other had slept a wink!

The old Dutch clock and the Chinese plate

Appeared to know as sure as fate

There was going to be a terrible spat.

(I wasn’t there; I simply state

What was told to me by the Chinese plate!)

The gingham dog went “bow-wow-wow!”

And the calico cat replied “mee-ow!”

The air was littered, an hour or so,

With bits of gingham and calico,

While the old Dutch clock in the chimney-place

Up with its hands before its face,

For it always dreaded a family row!

(Now mind: I’m only telling you

What the old Dutch clock declares is true!)

The Chinese plate looked very blue,

And waited, “Oh dear! what shall we do!”

But the gingham dog and the calico cat

Wallowed this way and tumbled that,

Employing every tooth and claw

In the awfullest way you ever saw –

And, oh! how the gingham and calico flew!

(Don’t fancy I exaggerate –

I got my news from the Chinese plate!)

Next morning, where the two had sat

They found no trace of dog or cat;

And some folks think unto this day

That burglars stole that pair away!

But the truth about the cat and pup

Is this: they ate each other up!

Now what do you really think of that!

(The old Dutch clock it told me so,

And that is how I came to know.)

Reminder - Before School GAP

Students who are dropped off before 8:00 will need to be dropped off by the back commons door for GAP. No students should enter the front or the south side entrance until 8:00. Any students coming into the building before 8:00 will be directed to the GAP area for check in. Thank you!