Welcome to venus

A place you never go

10 facts about venus

  • you can not live on venus.
  • It is very hot
  • there are no moons
  • it can kill you in 10 seconds.
  • humans get around it by movement.
  • its atmosphere is mainly made up of carbon dioxide.
  • it has a central core.
  • second brightest object in the night sky
  • atmosphere pressure on venus is 92 times greater then the earth.
  • Also known as the morning star and evening star.
2:30-3:00 you get ready

3:30-5:00 you do your work

5:00-6:00 eat your food

6:00-9:00 work again

9:00 pm- 5:00 sleep

Questions and answers to the question

  1. Can humans live on the planet? If no, why not?It would be a difficult place to live and it is very hot there.

  1. What types of accommodations are on the planet so that humans can live?There are none

  1. What is the planet's temperature? (864o F)

  1. What types of clothing would humans have to wear to survive?Clothes to keep you coo