Curriculum Connection

K-5 Math-April 2021

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Math Norms

These norms should be visible and referenced throughout the year.

Kindergarten Math

1st Grade Math

2nd Grade Math

3rd Grade Math

Topic 14: Solve Time, Capacity, and Mass Problems

Topic 14 focuses on extending students' understanding of time and solving problems, involving estimation and measurement of time intervals, liquid volume (capacity), and mass.


  • Time to the Nearest Minute
  • Elapsed Time

Liquid Volume and Mass

  • Liquid Volume
  • Mass

Measurement Word Problems

  • Situations Involving Units of Time
  • Situations Involving Liquid Volume and Mass

4th Grade Math

Topic 13: Measurement: Find Equivalence in Units of Measure

Topic 13 focuses on converting measurement from larger to smaller units within one system of measurement, customary or metric. It also focuses on solving real-world problems involving distance or area and perimeter.

Equivalent Measurements

  • Customary Units
  • Metric Units

Solve Real-World Problems

  • Distance Problems
  • Area and Perimeter Problems

Topic 14: Algebra: Generate and Analyze Patterns

Topic 14 focuses on generating and analyzing number and shape patterns.

Number Patterns

  • Generate and Extend Patterns
  • Analyze Patterns

Repeating Patterns

  • Repeating Patterns

Use Patterns to Solve Problems

  • Solve Pattern Problems

5th Grade Math

Topic 13: Write and Interpret Numerical Expressions

Topic 13 focuses on developing understanding of the order of operations and how to use it to evaluate, write, and interpret numerical expressions with grouping symbols.

Evaluate Numerical Expressions

  • Order of Operations

Write Numerical Expressions

  • Write Numerical Expressions

Connect Numerical Expressions to the Real World

  • Interpret Numerical Expressions
  • Solve Multi-Step Problems Using a Numerical Expression

Topic 14: Graph Points on the Coordinate Plane

Topic 14 focuses on developing understanding of the coordinate system and how to use the ordered pairs to locate points in a plane.

The Coordinate System

  • Understand the Coordinate System
  • Graph Ordered Pairs

Solve Problems

  • Use Reasoning and Interpret Coordinate Values