Montessori Country Day School News

May, 2016

Middle States Association & American Montessori Society Accreditation

Montessori Corner schools are undergoing a self-study as part of the re-accreditation process. Teachers and administrators met throughout the school year to review and set goals for the upcoming months and years. At this time, we ask that parents and staff complete group-specific surveys to aid us in completing our new strategic plan and inform us of areas to focus on in the near future. You are welcome to step in and join any meeting we have scheduled. There will be invites to participate in remote meetings to add your feedback and hear more about the strategic plan.

Please take a moment to complete the survey by following this link:

We look forward to having a great turnout!

Thank You Mr. Cyktor for donating the BEAUTIFUL flowers for Earth Day!

We beautified our campus and gave plants to families on Earth Day. Children heard a presentation by Mr. Cyktor, Louis's dad, that informed students about caring for outdoor plants. Afterwards, he remained on campus to help us plant flowers.

Proceeds from the plant sale went to purchase new sound equipment for the students to use throughout the year. Thank you Mr. Cyktor!

Making Waves at Montessori Country Day School

I am a young adult whose passion is working with children and young adults. Back in high school, I worked at my local YMCA as a swim instructor with babies (mommy and me classes) to 12 year olds. I haven’t been swimming all my life, but I’ve been into swimming and teaching children since about 2010. I’m very outgoing and love to teach. I have a big heart and usually develop a bond with every one of the students I’m privileged to teach.

Swimming is very rewarding in many ways. It’s more of like a rite of passage through childhood like riding a bike. It is wonderful to be able to show children all the amazing things that they are capable of in the water, and to see the look on their faces when they feel proud of themselves for accomplishing something. My teaching style usually doesn’t vary too much. With any age I tend to be playful with my clients, while setting clear expectations and working on their swim skills. My goal is to always make them feel warm and welcome with me.

When it comes to beginners I say, everyone’s got to start somewhere right? At some point in our lives we were all beginners at something; riding a bike, first job, first time driving. There’s nothing better than learning something new and accomplishing something. The first thing that I work on, are the survival strokes. This is extremely important and beneficial to all beginner students because you must learn to crawl before you can walk. If you don’t know how to first survive in water then you couldn’t possible learn more advanced swimming strokes and kicks and such. I use the students themselves as motivators. I would show them how to do something and after it’s completed I would ask them how they feel. I’m sure they would feel great and very proud of themselves. For children, I might throw in some incentives like a totally big high five or a couple of minutes of fun free swim at the end of the session. When it comes to clients with special needs, I wouldn’t treat them any different than I would anyone else. They are capable of great things and I would be happy to take on the amazing responsibility. As for parent goals for their children, I would love to be able to meet the wants of every parent out there. I will do my best to make sure that I am sticking to the level of each student and teaching them what is appropriate to their skill level.

Currently I have a CDA (Child Development Associate), I have my Lifeguard certification as well as my CPR/AED and First Aid certifications. I have also completed Swim Instructor Training. I am very excited to be a part of the Making Waves Swim School staff team and I look forward to continuing lessons and meeting some new and wonderful students.

Recycling Presentation by Alison from MCIA

On Wednesday the preschool, kindergarten and elementary students participated in a recycling assembly. There was a guest speaker from the Middlesex County recycling department who spoke to the children about recycling.

Water Safety Presentation by Jamie from Making Waves

On Friday MCDS students participated in a water safety assembly. Ms. Jamie, our former swim instructor, taught them about how to stay safe in different bodies of water. This comes at a time when families are preparing students for their summer camp and vacation plans.

MCDS Summer Camp

Summer camp is going to be a big success with campers hailing from local, community and out-of-state homes. We will see international campers too! Mrs. Menard, Mrs. Moteleone, Mrs. Suh, Ms. D'Ariano and Mrs. Sinha will be a few of the familiar faces you will see throughout the summer. Don't forget to register to ensure you have a spot during the weeks of your choice. Join us for a fun-filled summer!

May and June Happenings

May 25th-Annual School Performance 6:00-7:30 (children at 5:30)

May 30th-School Closed-Memorial Day

June 1st -National Running Day

June 6th -Field Day & Ice Cream Truck

June 6th-10th-Spirit Week

(Monday-School Mascot Day, Tuesday-Class Colors, Wednesday-Mixed UP Clothes, Thursday-Crazy Hat, Friday-PJ)

June 8th-Ukulele Performance & Picnic 3:30-5:00

June 14th-Moving Up Ceremony for Kindergartners and 3rd graders at 3:00

June 15th-Last Day of School

June 16, 17 & 20th-School Closed

June 21st -First Day of Summer Camp

No Uniform Day on Friday, May 27th!

We are looking for morning volunteers to help during National Running Day on June 1st. Please contact Ms. Alexandrini!

Teachers and Staff Thank You for the Delicious Appreciation Luncheon on May 13th!