Faculty & Staff Notes



Thank you for the quick response to our dismissal delay on Friday. We always want to put our students first and this is one of those times where it certainly was not easiest for us. Thank you for the fast response and for keeping a positive attitude during the delay.

Please take time to thank our PTA and Dad's Club for their dedication to our students. During the holiday season, it would be super if your class could do a class card to show your appreciation. I realize everyone will not have time to do this; however, if you have ten minutes to spare, I am sure our volunteers would appreciate the sentiment.

Can you believe the semester is almost over? What a fast school year! To add to it, we have a couple of busy weeks in ahead. Take a deep breath and let's make it a great end to 2014!

Proud to be your principal,

Cindy Galloway

Elementary Principals Visit - Wednesday

To stress or not to stress . . . .

Definitely NOT STRESS: We are visiting classrooms and trying to calibrate our thinking around a Learning Platform Rubric. This is our time to learn. While we will discuss our classroom visits, this is not a time for you to try to plan something special for our guests. Stay calm and teach on! :)

Who is coming?

All elementary principals and Dr. Shiver

What time will they be at Dove?

We expect to arrive around 10:00 and leave before noon, but our schedule will remain flexible since we are also visiting another school in the morning.

Will they visit my classroom?

Possibly. I expect every door to be accessible for our guests. Our visitors are welcome to walk into any classroom in any grade level. I will provide them with a schedule of times that will not work for grade levels (i.e., lunch times, recess times, etc.). If you have a transition time your grade level needs me to avoid, please email me today.

What are they looking for?

We are focusing on Principal 1: Students Construct Meaning & Principle 5: Students Collaborate Around Meaning Work. I will send a more specific email detailing a few key areas that principals may look for and listen for while visiting. This is just a guideline but it may help you better understand the area of focus for this visit.

Will I get feedback?

We will get school feedback but not specific classroom feedback. I will share out information for the school as a whole.

Should I greet visitors when they come into my classroom?

Obviously, you and your students will notice visitors coming into your classroom. I would greet them ultra-briefly [smile and nod, a simple "welcome," or your student greeter for those who have student jobs]. We want to see your classroom instruction and interact with students. There is no need for you to explain your lesson, just let visitors enjoy their visit.

Is there anything special I should do to prepare?

This is not the day to cash in a jeans pass. Other than that, you just need to do what you do best: TEACH! :)


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