5th Grade Friday Update

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Wonderful Visit to Walnut Creek

We had a great time yesterday at Walnut Creek MS! The students enjoyed a tour and learned all about what they can expect as a 6th grade student. Of course the highlight was lunch, (even for the teachers) but they really did learn much more than the awesome choices for lunch. And yes, somehow the fruit slushies count as a fruit choice...those lucky ducks!

Upcoming Field Trips and Events

Our trip to Greenfield Village is Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Please make sure your child brings a bag lunch and wears comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen. They may also bring some money to spend at the village for candy, ice cream or souvenirs. Whether you are riding the bus or meeting us at Greenfield Village, please come to the school and check-in with us to get your group assignment. We are looking forward to a fun-filled day of learning about history.

The Greenfield Village field trip permission slips were due today. Just a reminder it is $7.00 for students and $8.00 for chaperones. The student cost is $17 for their ticket and bus, but the PTA has given us $10 for per student, lowering the price to $7.00.

June 3: Field Day

June 10: The 5th graders will be going bowling and having their End-of-the-Year Picnic.

June 14: 5th Grade Celebration (Graduation) will take place in the evening from 7-8:00. Students will need to be in their classrooms at 6:45 to prepare.

Fifth Grade Curriculum Update

*Math –Today we began Unit 8: Application of Measurement, Computation, and Graphing. Students will be applying and extending many skills and concepts they learned throughout the year in engaging, real-world contexts.

*Social Studies – This week we focused on the battles of the American Revolution, the alliance with France, and took an open book assessment. I really enjoyed hearing the conversations and sharing their understanding of the materials. We also had fun doing a STEM activity with stomp rockets and attempting to hit British targets, as well as graphing data from the battles. We even enjoyed listening to the music of the American Revolution. Next week our focus will be on the documents of the revolution including the Articles of the Confederation, the Treaty of Paris, the Great Compromise, etc.

*Science – This week we focused on concentration, the students even got to taste different concentrations of Kool-aid and decide on a recipe for the Kool-aid. Next week, we will be doing experiments with chemical reactions.

*Reading: The students are beginning partner book clubs and studying novels. They will be setting reading goals and discussing their books together.

*Technology with Mr. Hester: Students have been working on creating book trailers using Google Slides. Students are also presenting their trailers to the class.

Check out the inside of a paper wasp nest!

Dissecting a Paper Wasp Nest