7th Grade GSS Weekly Update

Week of 2/22-2/26

Classroom Happenings

GSS Week 26 at a Glance


Students wrapped up their research on their assigned extraordinary person of the Harlem Renaissance and have displayed their work in the halls of Hixson.

Students engaged in an exciting ESCAPE Room EDU as they reviewed what they learned about the Harlem Renaissance.

Next week, students will present their research to their peers.


Students are reviewing what they learned about Mesopotamia through a Webquest. We are preparing for a Unit 2 Summative Assessment.

Current Unit of Study

Unit 2 River Civilizations: Mesopotamia and Egypt

How did geographic challenges lead to the rise of city states?

What significant contributions were made by the river civilizations that left legacies for us today?

Which inventions, scientific and mathematical achievements, engineering feats, and the arts do you feel propelled the development of Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations and explain how those contributions left legacies for us today?

Power Standards for Social Studies

Upcoming Due Dates

Harlem Renaissance

Assignment 7g Paragraph B or C Due February 26

Assignment 7i Harlem Renaissance Presentations

Begin Monday, March 1, 2021

Assignment 8-Harlem Renaissance Formative Assessment due Thursday, February 25, 2021

Assignment 9- Mesopotamia Webquest due Monday, March 1, 2021

Students’ grades are updated in SIS. This is a great place to find student’s grades and missing assignment information. All feedback is in Canvas.

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