December 2, 2022

Welcome to Gifted Social Studies

American History: Mrs. Schroeder

Mrs. Kelly Schroeder

This week students began our study looking at immigration trends in the 1800s and the early 1900s. They learned about the many of the push and pull factors for these individuals that came to the United States. Students also compared the processes and experiences that different immigrant groups received when they came through our immigration stations.

The best way to reach me is at All assignments and resources are located on Canvas. The homepage features the current Week at a Glance with the plan for the week. Students' grades are updated on Tyler SIS.

World Civilization: Mr. Wetter

Mr. Jon Wetter

This week the students began looking at the impact trade routes have had on classical civilizations and how those civilizations also became interconnected and created the first global trading system.

They are currently participating in a trade simulation where they try their hardest to make the best deals possible for the resources needed to make the goods that are worth the highest amount of points. The first day of trading was a bit clunky but they have found their footing and are really having fun with it.

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Welcome to Gifted Fine Arts

On December 5th, GFA will be going on a field trip to Thrive and WGHS! The WGSD Thrive Program is an innovative and dynamic program that combines education, professional guidance, and personal development to help high school juniors and seniors acquire critical business and entrepreneurial skills to pursue productive, fulfilling lives. We will also be visiting all of the different fine arts classes in WGHS to expose them to high school classes they may consider taking.

Students are also planning a Dallowinian dinner party for our drama unit! Students are creating character profiles including their character’s appearance, dialect, movement, and background information in preparation for our dinner drama!

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