Paw Prints

Norfolk Jr. High

By Conny De Los Santos

Larry the Dog

There once was a dog named Larry and he was doing his Saturday evening stroll. He smelled something good, and noticed a bush of berries. Larry decided to eat the berries, but when he went home he got sick and had to went to the vet. The doctor said, “Eat this now! It’s honey medicine!’’ Larry ate it, got better and had some more fresh berries!

What Is Your Favorite Candy?!?







Talking Gina

What is your favorite app? My favorite app is Talking Gina. Gina is a giraffe. You can feed her, you can play with her,but be careful, because she has a scale of how many lives she has. If you tap on her belly or head, you lose points on her lives. You can even give her ice cream!! She even mocks you what you say. That is why I like Taking Gina, because it is a fun game to play. Why don't you try it today and have fun!

For or Against Argument

The school board is considering reorganizing the school week. They are suggesting that there be four school days rather then five. Each school day would then be two hours longer. Support your position for/against this issue.

I disagree, because students will be having more homework and spend more time with the same teachers. The students will be in school more often and having longer classes. Students will be very tired and not listen to what the teacher says.

New Moon

My movie reveiw was abou the Twilight Saga New Moon. The characters are Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Edward has to leave because another vampire of his own is trying to kill Bella. Edward has to leave to protect her, while Jacob protects Bella from other vampires and werewolfs.
New Moon Movie Trailer - Official (HD)