Health Symposium

Tools to take you from Chronic Illness to Optimal Health!

Prepare Yourself for Things to Come!

We live in an unstable time. Storm clouds are gathering. In response we will rise to the occasion and prepare the most important asset we have--ourselves! Being physically healthy gives us reserve to respond in a day of crisis. Come and learn what tools you can use to obtain optimal health as quick as you can! Do it Now!

Tools for Health

Through tedious research, the best tools for health have been identified from different corners of the US. Unrelated tools, which together fulfill the prime directive of your community. Independence from the federally controlled health care system, as well as future freedom and health when advanced medicine will be unavailable, is on everyone's mind. Because you asked "How?" we responded. The answers will astound you! Health does not have to be elusive It can be yours without medicine, without doctors, without fear! Find out how. Take control! Change your life! It's easier than you think!

Monday, June 10th 4-8 p.m.

4:00-4:40 The Health Equation: How to go from Chronically Ill to obtain Optimal Health

Wendie L. Edwards BSRN, CCRN, CR

4:40-5:10 The Most Efficient, Effective Exercise Yet Devised by Man

Albert E. Carter

5:10-5:20 Break

5:20-6:00 Nrf2--What is that? What can it do for me?

Wendie L. Edwards BSRN CCRN, CR

6:00-6:40 The Obesity Epidemic and It's Cure--the Answer is YOU!

Dr. Eddie Arnold, DC

6:40-6:50 Break

6:50-7:30 The Cancer Answer

Albert E. Carter

7:30-8:00 Questions and Answers

Guest Speakers

Bring everyone you love! Every person who BREATHES must learn how to prepare physically for what is to come!


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