The world at war

Battle of Verdun

The battle of Verdun was the longest battle of all time. Never before was there so a long battle with so many dead people, missing people and wounded people. There were 700 000 casualties. The battle was not even 10^2 kilometer, the battle started at February 21th 1916 till 20th December 1916. It was a big attack, the Germans attacked with many people on a small area, the Germans would kill all the France soldier that were there. The Germans belief that the france would defend there forts till the last man was dead. German attack with 140 000 mans. After one day German had only 2 kilometer conquer of the France

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An opinoin about this war

23 February 1916

I write you this letter to make you attend on my opinion about this awful war in which everyday hundreds of children die. Those generals know as good as I do that a whole lot of soldiers are too young and they don’t even care about it. Only in the Battle of Verdun died hundred-sixty-three-thousand people, and over two-hundred-sixty-thousand people are wounded. Those generals at the front don’t think about what happens with them, I mean when people come home some of them can’t work on the land anymore because they might miss limbs. and in the end, this war leads to nothing! It’s all just showing who is stronger and in the end both sides lost. They lost due to millions of deaths and billions of pounds of damage to land, houses, factory’s, etc. We have to stop this war as fast as possible because this is getting out of hand. You probably thought that this war was over fast with our machineguns and all the better defense we have, but that’s not the case, This war is all but that! Just make it stop.

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