Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators Book Study

Online Book Study to Help You Remember Your "WHY"

Did you know that the reason 70% of educators quit in their first 5 years is the ongoing stress? Not surprised to hear that? Be a part of this reflective, individualized learning opportunity to build resilience and emotional strength in yourself as an educator. Resilience is cultivated through hundreds of little choices every day. Make a choice today to strengthen yours.

Join this book study and complete the monthly activities on your own. You do not have to purchase the book, just follow along on your own to become your very best! You will need a journal or folder of some sort to maintain your ideas. Each month I will share new thoughts and some activity choices. You do not have to post your personal thoughts, but please be honest with yourself in order to get the most out of this. (This IS a great book, though, if you want your own copy or like to write on pages. All ideas and information are from or related to this book or the workbook that complements it.)

(This will count for 1 Trade Out Day in 2019)
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*You will need to bring your journal/folder to your summative conference as evidence in order to receive credit for the Trade Out Day.


When you know yourself well - when you understand your emotions, social identities, core values, and personality - you gain clarity on your purpose in life and in work. Being anchored in purpose makes you able to deal wtih setbacks and challenges.


Self-knowledge is the portal through which we cultivate our disposition of purposefulness. Knowing and staying true to our core values strengthens this. Our values orient us, drive us, and anchor us. We experience integrity when we act in alignment with them. When we act in ways that are out of alignment with our values, we physically don't feel good.

ACT on it: Myers Briggs Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs Personality assessment will show your results on a continuum. Read over these, and think about where you might fall... then take the test online and see where you land. How well do you know yourself?
www.16personalities.com OR http://www.humanmetrics.com
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ACT on it: Core Values

1. Read through the list of values and circle (or write down in your journal) 10 that you feel are most important to you.
2. Cross off five of those values, leaving you with the five that are the most important to you.
3. Now, from your list of five values, cross off two, leaving you with the three values that are most important to you. These are your core values.
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ACT on it: Purpose

List 10 hopes you have as a teacher or leader. Now put a star by the three that are the most imporant. Is there one that is of top importance? Circle it.
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ACT on it: Mission Statement

If you went through the Franklin Covey training with us last summer, you already have a mission statement. Do you need to alter it? It is not a tattoo - it may change throughout your days/months/years. If you do not (or if you think it may be time for a change), look over your core values from above. What do you hope will be true as a result of your work? As a result of your relationships with others? What impact do you want to have on others? Use these thoughts to come up with a draft. Write it on a small index card and carry it around for a week. Pull it out throughout each day and look at it briefly. How do you feel reading this? Closer to the truth? More empowered? If not, revise it and try it again each week. Keep doing this in June until you have something authentic. Share it with others. You may feel uncomfortable sharing your mission because truth makes us vulnerable. Share it anyway. Post it outside your classroom.
Some ideas for personal mission statements: 14 CEOs
Franklin Covey online mission statement creation: FCMissions
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ACT on it: Signature Strengths

Take the Signature Strength quiz at www.viacharacter.org
Everyone has these 24 qualities, but we have them in different amounts. Try to recall a situation in which one or more of your top five strengths shined. What happened? What was the result? Do you feel like you are able to use your top strengths in your current role? If not, how can we make that happen? Are there any you wish to cultivate more? What difference would it make in your life if you increased some of the strengths that weren't at the top?
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ACT on it: Align Your Values to Your Actions

We want to uphold our values - be kind, creative, faithful, etc. - but there are times we fall short of demonstrating these values as we intend.

In one column, list your top three to five values. In the second column, identify some moments you have missed the opportunity to act on each value. In the third column, set clear and concrete intentions for acting on each value. See if you can reflect on a handful of opportunities you will learn from in order to help align your values and actions.
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