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The cell theory

All living things are made up if cells, they are the basic units of structure. cells are what keep us alive and they come in all shapes and sizes. the body has over 100 trillion of them
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Eukaryote cells

They do have a cell membrane. animal cells, fungus cells, and plant plantcells are Eukaryote cells. Eukaryote cells has DNA and antibiotics are effective on this cell type, also has membrane-organelles and has a nucleus. All humans are made up of Eukaryote cells.
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Prokaryote Cells

These cells do NOT have a cell membrane. Bacterial cells and Archaea cells are prokaryote calls. Includes bacteria and has ribosomes.
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Body Organization

Cell: basic unit of all living things

Tissue: Groups of cells that work together to perform a function

Organ: Group of tissues that work together to perform a function

organ system: groups of organs that work together to perform a function

organism: group of organ systems that work together to sustain life

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Plant cell

Trees, grass, flowers, and moss are all plants. Two things that makes the plant cell different then the animal cell is the cell wall and chloroplasts. Empty vacules is what makes the plant wilt.
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Animal cell

Frogs, worms, bees, and humans are all animals. What makes the animal cell different then the plant cell is that the animal does NOT have a cell wall and does Not have chloroplasts
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Mitochondria produces energy for the cell (known as Mighty Mitochondria)
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The Ribosomes produce proteins for the cell
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The Cytoplasm is the liquid going through the cell membrane.
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The Chloroplasts are the organelles found in the plant cell
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