Healthy Living

By: Katerina Zoes

My Breakfast Items

For Breakfast I have a pancake ( which is 154 calories) and 3 pieces of bacon ( which are 138 calories ) with a cup of milk ( which is 12.2 calories). Altogether, it equals 414 calories.

My Lunch Items

For Lunch I had a hamburger ( which is 117 calories ) and some fries ( which are 116 calories ). Altogether, it equals up to 233 calories.

My Dinner Items

For Dinner I got an In-and Out Burger ( which was 520 calories) with a smoothie ( which was 250 calories). Altogether, it equals 770 calories.

My Snack Items

For snack I had 3 chocolate chip cookies ( each was 160 calories ). Altogether, it equals up to 480 calories.

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