Christmas carol

By: Charles dickens

Come to the watch the play at the the GUTHRIE THEATER!!

The play a Christmas carol is a delightful play which has action that's able to be actually seen. But you have to picture the book in your mind when you can see it in real life.

Secondly, Scrooge is an old man that is very very grumpy to everyone especially on Christmas. Lastly, Scrooge is visited by his old friend exempt in ghost form and his friend tells him that he would be visited by three spirt's. The three spirt's changed Scrooges life and turned him into a jolly man.

In conclusion: I think that you should watch the play because it has more action and you can see the real thing. So just come to the GUTHRIE THEATER!!

Sacrifices I had to make and ones that tha Scrooge had to make


Scrooge had to make sacrifices by giving some of his wealth to the poor because it's Christmas.

I had to make sacrifices as a little kid because I had to give my toys to my little brother so he would be happy.