James River Hall

Staff Meeting Agenda 2/16/2016

Check in

  • Highs and lows

Agenda Items

  • Health and Safeties start tomorrow!!!
  • Placement is soon!
  • Bonding activity

Functional assignment update

  • Anything new?
  • Questions regarding functional assignment?

SRA items

  • No :)

JR items

  • Lit bug
  • JR buddies


  • Kudos to Savannah for being the best at everything and being so supportive always!
  • Kudos to Sydney for always being kind and sweet. And for always spending time at the desk - I love walking in and seeing you!
  • Kudos to Arlyn for being an AWESOME JR Buddy
  • Kudos to Julia for being a ray of sunshine!
  • Kudos to Kyle for opening up and making sure his voice is being heard.
  • Kudos to the hot blonde RA at the JR desk
  • Less than 2 weeks to spring break! Almost there guys!
  • Kudos to Sydney for telling me Happy Valentines day soo loudly lol
  • Kudos to Ben for really taking ownership of this role and jumping head first into all it entails!
  • Kudos to Ben for being amazing so far! You are very much loved on staff already!
  • Kudos to Arlyn for getting the lit bug this week!

Weekly puzzle

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