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Week beginning 18th March

Something for the holidays.

If you are travelling over the school holidays you probably know how much room books take up and how they can eat into your weight allowance. However, if you have your laptop with you and a WiFi connection then you can take 1000s of books along. This week I have been introducing Tumble Cloud to our Year 3 and and 4 students. They love it! The graphic novels are particularly good. Many of the books have an audio element which means that less able readers are able to access good quality books at a higher reading level than they usually could.
You can find the link on Qoodle. It is a subscription site so can't be accessed through any other platform. Have a great holiday and keep on reading.

App of the Week.

Mr. Sandman

Mr Sandman.
In a small cottage, a nameless boy is being put to bed, and Mummy tells him the Sandman will soon help him off to sleep. After the Sandman visits, a mysterious owl leads the boy through landscapes and starry skies to learn why there's no reason to be afraid of night time.
A moody, beautifully rendered dreamscape. This app is about conquering a fear of the dark and takes full advantage of the iPad's capabilities. Named by the Kirkus Review as the best app for 2012.
Le Marchand de Sable, Peur du Noir (Mr. Sandman, Fear of the Dark)

New York Times Best Sellers.

Need a new book for the holidays? Try this fabulous list from the NYTimes. It is great to see some really fabulous Middle Grade Fiction on this list. WARNING... do check the age appropriateness before you start shopping.

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