Great Beginnings

January, 2014 - Robin Cheetham's Team Newletter -Vol.1 No.1

2013 Reflections

Last year at this time, I knew that there was something very different about doTERRA Essential Oils. What began as a "give the oils a try because I had nothing to lose" mentality, turned into an amazing healing story in my life! With doTERRA essential oils, my body had begun an incredible healing process from frustrating health issues I had suffered with for far too long. Shortly thereafter, a doTERRA class I hosted to help a friend with similar problems literally catapulted me into my own business! I discovered others like me wanted these products! Twelve months later, our team now numbers 55, which if someone had told me then what was going to happen, I'd have said they were crazy! It's been a maturing process this year, not only learning more about the numerous outstanding products, but trying to keep a handle on my growing business, and also realizing that I need to be a better leader to help YOU. My mission is now to become an excellent leader, and to assist you in any way I can, whether that is helping you choose the product(s) that best meet your family's health needs, helping you earn your products for free, or helping you grow your own business. This monthly newsletter has been born of that desire, and I sincerely thank you for this opportunity.

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Story Of The Month - Quentin's Story

My grandson Quentin was 2 years old this past May. He spent the entire fall and winter last year sick. I am not exaggerating when I say he was sick 6 days a week and healthy one day. He would literally feel better for a day or two and then he would start the whole process over again. He does attend day care, it seemed that his immune system had become so compromised that he would never fully recover (from the stomach flu, a cold, the croup and always ear infections.) before he became sick again. It was, very, very stressful for his parents and us as grandparents. I think it was in about Apirl that I attended a meeting at Robin's house about doTERRA. I was so intrigued by the possibility that this might be the answer to this little boy's perpetual illness that I immediately purchased an oil kit both for myself and for my daughter to try on Quentin.

My daughter has been very faithful in using the oils on Quentin daily since then. I am so, so happy to report that to this date Quentin has not been sick yet!

The regimen she uses on him is OnGuard and Frankincense on his chest and back in the morning before he goes to day care and both of the same oils on his feet at night before bed. She also puts Lavender oil in his bath nightly. That's it! To us this is a huge testament of the power of the oils in building an immunity system and guarding a child from illnesses. The other children at day care continue to get sick but Quentin has not; it is simply amazing!

How much better is it to prevent than treat? We can pour antibiotics, Ibuprophen and cold medications (which all have side effects) into our children, or we can use (natural, pure, essential) oils which are actually good for our bodies to prevent illnesses, and when necessary, treat.

Lisa Kehmeier - Hamilton, MT

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