Discovering the Blackfish!

30 March 2014

Hi guys!

Sup? Lovely to receive so many comments from you itching for a new post. I know, I haven’t written for a while… I’ve been really busy with my mid-terms-- cross fingers! ;)

So now I have enough time to get you up to date, I’d like to share with you an incredible, and must see documentary that’ll appeal to your deepest sentiments-- it’s forbidden to have a nap while watching it!! :P

Thanks to this film I’ve discovered the existence of the cutest and most intelligent animals in the sea: the Orcas.

The documentary discuss the death of an orca trainer in SeaWorld Park, and other similar cases in Sealand or Loro Parque (which are those entertainment parks with dolphins, penguins… where you go to have a whale of time with your family-- never better said!), trying to understand why it happened. The conclusions? Astonishing; but let me tell you from the beginning!

Did you know that it’s been proven that orcas are much more intelligent than us? And that they have a special language? Or that they’re animals with emotional lives? I put exactly the same astounded face as you may have now when I heard it! :O

During the last 35 years, researchers’ve find out that orcas are incredibly kind animals which live in families and that always stays together-- even the adult ones never leave their mother’s protection. The complexity of their paralimbic cleft system makes them sensitive and aware, and every community has their own different manners and languages to communicate. We don’t have to worry anymore about the killer whales we see in films! :P

And I wonder… how could these adorable animals be dangerous to people? The responsible of the water parks assume that it was the trainer’s fault or merely an accident (a perfect excuse to wash their hand, isn’t it?), but the documentary goes beyond and reveals the real situation of these orcas in captivity, as for example:

· Orcas life expectancy is very similar to humans, but in these parks they don’t live more than 25-30 years;

· Every orca has its dorsal fin collapsed, but in the wild it only happens in less than 1% of cases;

· Whales are more and more aggressive ‘cos these captive animals industries're creating “artificial families” melting creatures from several “cultures”, with different genes, languages...

I’ll describe the “pleasant” life of Tilikum, who killed Dawn Brancheau (trainer from SeaWorld). This enormous orca was captured in the waters of Iceland and separated from his family when he was only 2; then he was sent to Sealand. They started to train Tilikum using punishment, he had to stay in a metal box of no more than 30m depth for almost 1/3 of his life and he was constantly attacked by other orcas. Despite that, trainers claim that Tilikum was very friendly, easy to work with and that was always willing to learn new things.

When he “accidentally” (???) killed the trainer Keltie, SeaWorld bought him. There, believe me, his life wasn´t better at all. Obviously the orca got frustrated and psychotic, but who wouldn’t?

I can’t see how humans feel they can play with animal’s life at their own whim!

It made my blood boil watching how there are people capable of using these poor animals to make a fortune no matter if they suffer or simply die. Tbh, I’ve never imagined what is really behind the industry of these theme parks; but something I know for sure is that I won’t participate in that “crime” anymore.

I really invite you all to watch the film and see it for yourself. I also leave you the link of one organization that fights for the orcas’ rights, just in case, like me, you’re willing to collaborate. And remember: everybody can do their bit! ;)



Documentary link:

The Whaleman Foundation: