Safety Online

Safety Online is vital for your survival on the internet. Here are some handy tips to keep you safe online.

First of all You need to know that when you go on a website and you choose to make an account you put a strong password. This image is a bad example, first its really weak. Also the person that might hack you will probably guess it..... it could be your name. dont put it as you pet or animal.

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Also you chould secure your wireless network because people can go on to it and purchase stuff; then when they go and pay they have to put in the key on your router or modem. Then when they have that they basically have taken over.
Good anti virus protection is vital for safe browsing and usage on ur pc or laptop. Some popular ones are norton and anti virus,AVG and firewall. If you go on a website and it has popus they are spamming you. Also some times when you go to leave the page some thing like this pops up...
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