claymore springs


emma callins

One friday night, 5 teenagers were driving around claymore springs in their black van. they had just reached claymore bridge when they saw a little kid on the road, Freddy ( ferdinand ) hopped out and slowly walked up to the kid, the kid turns around and is actually a midget. Before Freddy could say anything, the midget starts screaming and asking if he would like drugs, and then starts creepily saying to get out of claymore springs! 'just get off the road mate!' Freddy replies. Before Freddy gets a chance to get back in the van another bus come out of nowhere, swerves away from the midget and smashes right into their van! The van slowly falls off the bridge, 'oh no! My McDonalds was in there!' Freddy cries. Freddy looks down from the bridge and sees the black van on fire at the bottom... But he also sees people floating down the stream. Freddy turns around and sees a girl on the other side of the bridge, the sun is shining right on her, Freddy was completely hypnotized by her beauty. It is love at first sight, Miranda runs and leaps into his arms.

Caliban a son of Prospero’s past gang member, is seeking revenge..

Caliban sneaks around the crash site and finds two survivors Stephano and Trinculo he encourages them to kill Prospero for a reward of money and drugs. Stephano and Trinculo both sneak up to Prospero’s club house only to be chased away by huge and agressive guard dogs.The ghost of a dead drug dealer Ariel finds the other two survivors King Alonzo and Antonio then brings them back to the crash site. King Alonzo looks up at the bridge and sees that his son Freddy is ok, and then Stephano and Trinculo come rumbling out of the bushes.Trinculo, Stephano and Antonio all hear this loud rumbling noise, ' what’s that noise?! ‘screams Stephano, ' he's here' says Ariel then out of the bushes comes Prospero on his mini Harley, he jumps off and is almost as tall as King Alonzo's knee. ' let’s get down to business ' laughs Prospero.

After about one hour, Miranda and Freddy both figure a way to get down from the bridge and to the crash site and find that the van is magically fixed and that all of the men are all laughing drinking beer.