The Classroom Connection

Mrs. Jefferson, ELA & SS

Dutch Fork Elementary School: Academy of Environmental Sciences

Title I

March 12, 2015

VIP Folders & Assessment Info.

Today's VIP Folder should include:

1. Progress Reports

2. Graded papers

3. PTO Flyer

*The next book review is due on March 20, 2015.

NO SCHOOL on Monday, March 16, 2015!

Great Depression Book Clubs!

On Tuesday, we began to plan for our Great Depression book clubs. By now, your

our child should be completely captivated by his or her book. To begin the process, students first chose from an award winning selection of historical fiction novels set during the Great Depression. Then they met with their new group members to plan which chapters or pages they need to read each night for HW. Yesterday, we had our first book club meetings for this cycle, and they went well! When asked how they could make their book clubs more successful than the last time, their responses exceeded my expectations! Please check in with your child throughout this book club experience to ensure they're doing their part. That means they should be:

  1. Reading and thinking about the assigned pages daily. I highly encourage the use of sticky notes to track their thinking.
  2. Preparing talking points for Wednesday and Friday book club meetings.

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, there are numerous benefits of being in a book club. Please join me in encouraging your child to use this experience to become better readers, speakers, listeners, and thinkers!