We Care

By Prayunk and Isaiah

Why NBA Cares

The reason why we chose this is to help young kids with disabilities. It is also for donation like charity and fundraisers. The players around the league is helping everyone who is diagnose with diseases. Africa is the majority of people who are willing to survive and hunger and education.

We Will Survive

Well yes because they want education and wanted to be successful in the future. So, donation is why bring children who are suffering to be bright in the future! Why not sports? If you want to be a great player just have gods heart with you everyday. In Africa, most people are staving, living poverty, and never have food or water to survive. So that's way we decided to give Africa care and happiness.
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What will we provide?

Everyone in the world wants education, and those who wants to feel good about themselves it will affect the future, that can change the world by communicating, helping each other out. Surviving the major part of life, because if your health is bad and you don't have medicine who is going to do it?

Where you can find us?

You can find us anywhere at Texas,Florida,Boston,Oakland almost anywhere in the United States and Canada because 30 team and 30 cities anywhere can be donated.

What days of the week we are available to have skills for kids?

We will we available on weekdays and Sunday night, because on gods faith
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What is hoops for troops? This is what we will provide as well

Hoop for troops is when NBA donates stuff to the troops because they were thankful for how they save and protect our nation. We are very thankful