Okanagan Explosion

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Calona Wines

this picture represents Giovanni Casorso's winery. witch was the first winery built in all and Kelowna witch now grow into Calona Wines

Origins Of Farming In The Okanagan

In 1859 Father Pandosy, arrived in the Okanagan and made the first settlement for wight people in the valley. Witch lead to this In 1862, Father Pandosy planted the first Okanagan fruit trees, apple seeds, which were brought from the St. Mary's Mission in the Fraser.and that how farming got popular in the Okanagan as well as cattle farming


He arrived in the Okanagan after a short pit stop in San Francisco. in 1883 he started to work as an agriculturist for the missionaries. He settled down in a house on the land south of Mission Creek in 1884 so he brought his young family from Italy . By the 1930s the Casorso family were raising livestock and selling it by a chain of retail stores in the British Columbia Interior. Giovanni Casorso was one of the largest tobacco growers in the Okanagan in the 1920s; and was so successful with onions and other fruits and vegetables that he was crowned Onion King one year!!!!!

Role Of The Okanagan fur Brigade Trail

The role of the Okanagan fur brigade trail was to bring and travel goods like fruit, gold and more for a faster transportation root to the forts it also brought other good to the okanagan valleys like furs and more.

Early Hisrtory

This pioneer also now as Giovanni Casorso an really important Okanagan family that originaly came from Italy. Giovanni Casorso was born in 1848 and died in 1932, he was also born near Turin Italy

Reasons For Settlement

The reasons for the Casorso family to settle was for Giovanni to look and find new opportunities in North America by doing this he probably found one of the most important man at the time in the Okanagan valley his name was Father Pandosy. father Pandosy gave him a job offer at Oblates' Okanagan mission. Giovanni took the job and started working for Pandosy at the same time he took action and began to start land across mission creek.

by doing this Panosy brought his wife to the Okanagan

Early Accomplishments

Giovanni had many accomplishments in his life like starting the first winery in Kelowna!!

He also was one of the most important man in okanagan history by building a farm from the ground up. He was Evan crown onion king for a year

UBCO EDUC 417 Casorso Ranch

Legacy Today

His legacy still lives on today from his old homes to his winery down the road. the casorsos are a really interesting part of history in the olanagan he has a huge part of Kelowna named offer him

Fur brigade trail

The fur brigade trail was important to the Casorsos because it brought trailers into his home. He started to make an income off of these travilers because he was feeding both people a horses.
UBC O 2013 GREEN EDUC 417 Fur Brigade Trail

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Driving question

For me personally I would like to live close to one of the major creeks at the time powers Creek, Rock creek, Bear creek and many more.the valley floor will provide rich, good, quality soil for venation and fruits.it would also be helpful to live on bench land for growing tree fruit. You could remain making profits by selling your fruits traveling throw the valley floor or branch land

Okanagan fur brigade trail

The fur trail was located in okanagan, BC. all the way down to the states.most of the forts where in the okanagan the picture beside this paragraph will show the full root of the trail. The fur brigade trail allowed the travellers to go through the valley of the okanagan trading along the way with the post to their destination.