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May 2021

Principal's Pen

Welcome to an early spring and a chance to get outside. Change is in the air and it is always exciting to see energy that was pent up over the winter pour back into the kids and staff. I watch the younger kids head out and let their imagination run wild and the activity level always goes up this time of year.

For the older kids it is the yearly reminder that while it may start to look like summer, there is still plenty of school left. We talk about finishing strong heading into finals, as these months are just as important to their learning as any other. It’s always interesting to watch as the students move up from one invisible barrier to the next. Going from elementary into the middle school is only two months of school away for some, and like every other year you wonder how they can be ready for that. Same with those in grade 9, ready to move into high school and credits, and more individual courses. The growth that takes place from now to fall is always astounding, and again that starts with a strong finish to the year.

For the grade 11’s they are looking to take on a leadership role as the oldest in the building next year, and you can see that begin to take shape now. The grade 12’s who have had that responsibility start to look to the next phase in their lives. For some it is more schooling, for others it is the work force, but either way it is outside a building that has been a part of their lives for up to 13 years.

It seems like whenever we near the end of things we start to look past where we are at. It doesn’t matter if we are on vacation or visiting somewhere, as the end draws near we start to be “done” before we actually are. It is important to remember to finish strong, but also to take the time to enjoy the moment as much as possible. As unique of a year as this is, there has still been some great things that have gone on and will continue from now until the end. It is a shame to miss out on them because we are looking past it or lamenting what was, instead of what could be.

-Mr. Knot


Thank you to...

  • Our Grad award sponsors for continuing to support our graduates successes each year

  • Everyone involved in and supporting playground fundraising

School Spirit Week


Medstead School Kindergarten Registration:

For those that have children to begin Kindergarten in September, you can register online on our website or request a paper application.

If you have a child who will be 5 years old before December 31 and will be attending Kindergarten in Medstead in the fall of 2021, please contact the school if you haven’t heard from us! Thank you.

NEW Playground Update...

Thanks to the fundraising done to date, we have purchased a portion of the playground! It will be shipped in May. It will go where the bridge once stood.

Thank you to the following for fundraising initiatives and/or donations:

Medstead RM, Jeanette Short (Shorty's Green House), Kelly Enns (Epicure), Vincent Martinello, School Community Council, Brigitte Johnson (Purdy's Chocolate), Serena Klassen (Zyia Clothing), Arnold & Heather Usselman

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Important Dates in May:

  • May 24 - Victoria Day, No School
  • May 25 - PD Day, Non-student Day
  • May 26 - Early Dismissal at 2:23

May Birthdays


Reegan ~ Gauge ~ Vaan ~ Brynn ~ Brandtsen ~ Payton ~ Chelsie ~ Abbie ~ Miikka


Mrs. Robertson ~ Mr. Knot

Looking Ahead: 2021-2022 School Year

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May 2021 School Calendar

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