Staff News

April 4-8, 2016

News for the Week

Monday, April 4th

  • Newspaper In Education presentation - Jason Recker 8:00am

Tuesday, April 5th

  • Newspaper In Education presentation - Jason Recker 12:20 (during elective) auditorium
  • Sally @ CSO Administrator's Meeting

Wednesday, April 6th

  • Spring Program K-2 rehearsal 8:30-11:00 JCAC
  • Faculty Meeting 3:30 Central Campus Library
  • Spring Program 6:30pm JCAC, Teachers arrive 5:40, Student arrive 5:45-6:00

Thursday, April 7th

  • :)

Friday, April 8th

  • Grandparent's Day - 9:00 Gym Central Campus for Spring Program, followed by brief visits to classrooms until 10:30. 12:20 Cafeteria/Auditorium East Campus for Bingo until 1:30. No early dismissals.
  • Fr. Renel will also be visiting from Haiti. He will celebrate Mass in the morning at East Campus with Fr. John, followed by a brief 5-10 minutes presentation about Haiti. He will tour East Campus and visit classrooms with Sr. Louise and Emily Klein - nothing formal. They will then go over to West Campus from 10-10:30 to visit, followed by Central Campus to eat lunch with students and possibly visit classrooms for a brief while. Again, nothing formal and not lengthy in time. This is set to counter the Grandparent's Day times.

Staffing for 2016-17

We are currently working on staffing for the 2016-17 school year. Based on a few comments from the Intent Forms, I wanted to assure you that there is no intention of moving your grade level assignments unless you have specifically commented on a desire for that on your Intent Form or if you comment to administration in writing by April 13th.

Upon receiving the re-enrollment forms (finally), the school council was approached with the numbers per grade level. It was decided that a third 4th Grade teacher would be added for the 2016-17 school year as the numbers exceeded our published student teacher ratio. Thus, there is an opportunity for current staff to submit a request in writing stating the desire to move into that position. Any such letter is due to administration by April 13th. This is not a guarantee, however, as multiple factors must be considered. Following this decision, the position will be posted for external hiring.

Once we have a feel for any possible shifting due to this open position, we will begin working on contracts for grade level assignments. Additionally, the school council, in conjunction with administration and finance, is working to finalize the salary scale, which is also needed for contracts.

Just wanted to keep you informed. If you have any questions, please feel free to speak with Fr. Gary, Tyler, or I.

Summer Professional Development Opportunities

Tired of feeling overwhelmed

at the start of

each new school year?

These days educators feel overwhelmed by technology, new instructional practices, the politics, and the ever-changing landscape in education.

How do you stay ahead of the trends, but also work smarter, not harder?

I’ve developed a series of workshops that will help you easily prepare your reading and writing blocks for next school year, so you aren’t left searching and pulling from too many resources and scouring the Internet.

Any of these workshops will inspire, regenerate, and reignite your passion for teaching, leading, and learning with plenty of lessons modeled so you are fully confident and ready to implement.

REGISTER online at: after you have approval from administration.

Kim Strobel,

Literacy Consultant, Motivational Speaker, & Happiness Coach

Dress Code

Thank you for your additional reminders to parents in classroom newsletters regarding dress code. Shorts are allowed PS - 8 as of April 1st. Please remember that they must be appropriate length. Athletic shorts are not permitted. You may also want to remind parents that it is still a little cool outside, so just because shorts are allowed doesn't mean that it is appropriate for the weather. :)