Myth Behind Midas

"Trust the Midas Touch"

Midas: Brakes, Oil Change, Auto Repairs, Tires, and Car Repair

Midas is a car repair company. It works on brakes and brake repair, oil change, tires and tire repair, mufflers and exhaust service, the engine light, car heating and A/C, steering and suspension, radiator and engine cooling, and belt and hoses. Midas got its name from a Greek myth about a greedy king whose touch turned everything to gold.

The Golden Touch

The Greek king Midas was granted a wish by a god, and he wished for a golden touch. Once his wish was granted, he began to turn things to gold. Eventually he realized that he was turning everything to gold; he turned his daughter to gold. He no longer wanted this power of his. It a curse rather than a gift. The god who granted his wish allowed him to wash away his power in the river Pactolus.

Midas is All About the Gold

Midas managements try to be the best when it comes to their work. They keep a golden standard. King Midas and the Midas company are all about the golden touch.