The Invention of the Tractor

A Farmer's Best Friend

The Inventor's Invention

The inventor of one of the first tractors is John Froelich. He lived in Clayton County, Iowa and in 1890, he decided he needed a more efficient way of harvesting as well as safer. There had been some inventions like his before, but none as successful. His answer was to take a one-cylinder gasoline engine and hook it up to his steam engine's running gear. It was slow, but it worked and was very successful.

The Impact on American Society

The invention of the tractor reduced the need for work horses and other animals by a lot. It made work easier for farmers as well as more profitable by not having to feed the animals what they were trying to make a profit of. Another plus of this invention is that farmers now don't need to stop for breaks to feed/water the animals. The tractor saves work and a lot of time.

Images of some of the first tractors:

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Tractors: How They Work and How Fast

John took a one-cylinder gasoline engine and hooked it up to his steam engine's running gear. The first one he concocted only went about 3 miles per hour. Gradually, he created them to go faster and today's tractors are still improving.