The Moon

By: Ashley Bax, Riley Husted, Dominic Kolodziej

The Earth's Axis

The moon helps stabilize the earths axis and keeps earth at a perfect 23 degree tilt. This tilt makes for the perfect climate and seasons. If the moon was to disappear the earth's tilt would change due to the pull of planets like Venus and Jupiter. This new tilt could be from a range of zero to 85 degrees — zero would eliminate seasons, and 85 is basically the Earth leaning over on its side. Both of these scenarios would create unpredictable climate shifts.


One of the Moon’s most noticeable effects is (or was) the tides. If the Moon was no longer there, the oceans of the world become much calmer. The Sun still has an effect on them (known as solar tides), so the waves wouldn’t be completely gone. But the oceans would largely become calm. The consequences of low tides would be droughts, famines, and deserves.

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Two-Sided Planet

Due to the change of the Earths Axis one possible scenario would be our earth could tip over or "lie on its back". One half of Earth would be in constant sunlight while the their half would forever be in total darkness. The south half would be a barren, without water, and a complete desert while the north half would be complete ice and equally as barren. There would be areas in between the two halves but this area would be tormented with large storms that would last for very long times.


The moon is also helping to slow down Earth's rotation. In fact, the moon is slowing us down a tiny bit every single day. If we had no moon to slow our roll, we would be rotating six-hour a day. That would lead to all sorts of consequences. There would be increased wind and storms. If Earth rotated faster, other effects would come into play. Wind patterns would likely be stronger and longer lived. Consider the giant planet Jupiter, which rotates in about ten hours. Hurricanes on Jupiter can be enormous and last for centuries. Wind patterns stretch across the entire planet, which is why Jupiter looks the way it does. A constant force of wind on Earth would have affected life and evolution. Imagine working, talking, or just walking around against the howling winds
The Effects On The Earth If The Moon Disappeared