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Daniel Wright Junior High School E-Notice - Sept 17, 2021

Reports of Vandalism

Dear Families,

It is with great dismay that we must make you aware of recurring vandalism occurring at Daniel Wright during the school day in our student bathrooms across all grade level hallways. On several occasions this week, hardware such as soap dispensers have been ripped off of walls, liquid soap pouches destroyed and shoved into toilets, whole reams of toilet paper destroyed and strewn across the floor, soap dispensers broken into to remove batteries, which were also thrown across the floor.

We believe that students are following a growing trend shown on TikTok called “Devious Licks” or “Deviiouslicks”. This TikTok challenge or trend encourages kids to steal, destroy things from their school, especially bathrooms. As a reminder, District 103 School Board Policies address vandalism and student behavior. The Board will seek restitution from students and their parents/guardians for vandalism or other student acts that cause damage to school property. Students will also face disciplinary consequences for these actions that include but are not limited to detentions and or suspensions. Administrators and staff have made several attempts to monitor the hallways by being visibly present, monitoring video surveillance, talking to students, and today, we searched all lockers in accordance with our District 103 School Board search and seizure policies.

We are seeking your help in identifying the students responsible for the damage to our school. We estimate that $800 has been done to our building this week alone, which does not include the damage done today in a bathroom in the eighth-grade hall. We feel that as a community, we are a partnership, and it is the obligation of our entire learning community to keep our school beautiful and protect it from being vandalized further. Our custodial staff is dedicated to keeping Daniel Wright clean and safe and has been working around the clock to manage these repairs.

As always, we are honored to have the opportunity to teach your children in an environment in which learning and community are valued. Please reach out to one of the DW Administrative Team members if you would like to share any information.

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Daniel Wright Junior High School

Principal Michelle Blackley

Assistant Principal Nina Nusbaum

Assistant Principal Melody Littlefair