Walt Disney

Movie Producer and Artist

Early Life

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901, in Chicago Illinois. He had three older brothers and on younger sister, and spent most of his early life moving because of his father, Elias Disney. Elias was a very harsh man, and denied his children certain privileges, like toys. Walt often spent his time working on their farm, or delivering newspaper. His family was always poor, and always close to "Financial collapse". Having lost a childhood, Walt always was interested in the childish things such as cartoons and drawing. He later attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, where he developed drawing skills. He also dropped out of high school at 17 to follow his brother into World War 2 as an ambulance driver. Later on, he and his brother Roy went to live on their own.
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Getting Involved

Walt was deprived of a childhood, so he was always interested in childish things like, well, cartoons. When he came back from war, he wanted to pursue an art and animation career, but his father disapproved. He secretly pursued his career anyway, though he was not making much money, and he had big ideas for a new show called "Alice in Cartoonland". Though he worked day and night, eventually he became bankrupt, and was to scared to confront his father and show him he failed. Many people told him he couldn't succeed, and that his dreams were just to big. This made him want to succeed and work harder even more. He then made Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, but he lost his money to Universal. He then chose to move to California, and decided to get back on his feet. He then created Mickey Mouse. He also chose to make the first full cartoon with sound, Steam Boat Willie, and it became a huge success. He then again decided to take a big risk by making a cartoon movie, all in color. This was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It almost through him and his company into bankruptcy, and nearly broke the deadline, but he still continued on with the movie. Finally, when it was finished, it became a huge success and changed the entire movie industry. He gained multiple awards for this, and his success continued, and finally he chose to make Disney Land. It is still very popular today.
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In His Words

Walt made these choices to be bold and show everyone that you can dream big, and that, of course, dreams do come true. Walt wanted to create something for everyone to enjoy, through theme parks, and movies. He wanted everyone to have a chance to be happy, and feel like a child again.


Walt became a huge success; he made millions off of his parks and movies. Not to mention he changed the way movies were made, and the way cartoons were seen. He encouraged people to dream big, and in doing so he created things no one will ever forget. Disney set an example for many people, and he created things be apart of our lives for a long time. He made a very memorable mouse that will last for a life time, and he is an inspiration to many people. He made many movies, and has earned multiple awards for nearly every movie.
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Words for Him

Walt inspired and changed so many people. He also created memories no one will forget.

John Lasseter said

"The Walt Disney Animation studio is the studio that Walt Disney started himself in 1923, and it's never stopped and never closed its doors and never stopped making animation, and it keeps going as kind of the heart and soul of the company".

Another thing someone said was,

"When Walt Disney was making hid films, he trusted his instincts and made films for himself, but they appealed to everyone, not just kids.

Another thing John Lasseter said was " I do what I do because of Walt Disney. Goofy. Mickey Mouse. I'll never forget how their films entertained me"

As you can see, Walt will be remembered by all, and has created things we will never forget.


Today there are still many people who visit his parks, and his animation studios are still producing award winning movies. Everyone will remember his legacy, and remember all the things he's done. Walt himself said " It's the principle thing I hope to leave when I move on to greener pastures. If I can help to develop the talent of the future, I think I will have accomplished something." He also created California Institute of the Arts, a college for artists to study and go to. He has left us with many great things not only to inspire us, but he also left us with things to help us grow and succeed.


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