French Imperialism

By: Sara Lawrence, Dimitri Catovic, Eric Van

Part 1

Protectorate: A political unit that depends on another government for its protection.

Confucain - the french tried to over throw the confuinsim .

Christion missionaries -Little more than one half of 1 percent of the French population professes to be evangelical. This mostly unchurched, post-Christian nation is often referred to as the “missionary graveyard.” While progress seems, at times, painfully slow, it appears that there is a new openness to the gospel in recent years.

King mongkut- siam to keep tenchin between france and bitian.

Mekong river delta - got there independece from france and then became its own country in the 1970s.

Part 2

~ France sends missionaries to South East Asia, in order to convert them into Christianity.

~ The French Indochina was formed by Veitnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

~ The first Indochina war was known as the anti french resistance war. In which it took place between France and Vietnam.

~ The french Siamese War, in which the french fought over territory against the Laos.

Part 3

1. Why did the Vietnamese start planning to resist against French rule?

2. Which dynasty in Vietnam did the French help gain power?

3. What was the area of which the French controlled called?

Answers to the questions

1. Local industries were not encouraged, and the average consumption of rice decreased due to the French demanding that more to be exported.

2. Nguyen

3. Indochina

Part 4

In Indochina, France's costly 6-old war against the Communists rages on (1952) Guerre d'Indochine
French lose French Indo China